Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I took supper to Dickidoo this afternoon.  Rocky asked me why.  I had no good reason.
"You're such a wife," my youngest daughter accused.  It's weird that I felt I had to defend myself and yet there was no defense.  I am such a fricken wife!
So I decided that I should be a disgruntled fricken wife.  I walked into his bedroom, which until 2 years ago used to be our bedroom~ and I left a calling card.  A pinto bean and 3 chili salsa calling card.  I only hope he gets home before the potency drifts away through the ventilation system.  I have no real confidence in it though.  I have always been a potent but sissy farter.
Seriously though I have had to make an extra effort to wean myself from my future-ex-husband.  I miss talking to him.  I miss joking with him. I miss sitting in silence beside him. I find myself talking myself out of impulses.  I applaud those I deny.  I mourn the ones I succumb to.  Baby steps I tell myself, my nice self.
Is it wrong to want to baby step up his butt?  My not so nice self thinks not.
Just a thought~

Saturday, March 12, 2011


With all that is going on in the world now days, and all that is happening in my own life, in a moment of quiet today I began to feel a little homesick.
Then I realized that I don't really know where my home is any more.
On the bright side of things, because there is always a bright side (if I keep saying this I will eventually start believing it), tomorrow is daylight savings and I get to wake up an hour earlier than usual so that I can go to work an hour earlier.  Yep, it doesn't get much brighter than that!
What, who, me, facetious?  Never!