Monday, May 9, 2011

The Ultimate Psych-Out~

It's 9:30 Mother's Day morning and someone is banging on my door.  I peer through the peep hole and see Dickidoo with my middle son Zack.  Wow, didn't see that one coming, but ok!
I let them in thinking they have some kind of Mother's Day surprise in store for me.  Dickidoo asks where my youngest son is and seems irritated when I say he had just left for places unknown.
"We're supposed to work on the truck!"
Right~ I'm thinking and pretend to ignore the obvious ruse.  Dickidoo helps himself to coffee and asks if there is anything to chew on.  I direct him to the egg salad in the fridge and he makes himself a sandwich. 
Okay, so maybe breakfast wasn't the plan.
They get in touch with Art and he returns home.  The guys go out to 'work on the truck'.  Or maybe they are cleaning out my car and giving it a nice wash like they did one year long ago.  I get ready for work then open the door to check on 'the truck'.  Art's girlfriend informs me that they probably aren't out there cos Art had mentioned that they had to go get parts.
Right~  I can play along....
The hands on the clock get closer and closer to my depart time but I dig deep into my unused patience and wait. The guys return and sit down, congratulating themselves in getting the truck running.  It is now time for me to leave for work.  Nobody gets up to see me out the door but I know they're be watching when I see my surprise.
From the sidewalk I recognize the dirt on my car.  I am still hopeful when I open the door... and am greeted by the same old mess.
Then it dawned on me~ they were just waiting for me to leave so they could clean the apartment and fix me a nice dinner.  The day dragged but I got the expected text from one of them, Becca, asking me to come home for supper so she could get something.  Right~  
I got home to an empty but messy apartment.  Supper was the last of the egg salad.
Dickidoo texted me so he could pick up the car to drive Zack back to the Shop and I met them in the parking lot.  He asked how things were going.  I don't think it even dawned on him that it was Mother's Day.
"You sabotaged my Mother's Day!" I accused.  "Those kids probably weren't planning on making breakfast but I could have blackmailed or guilt-tripped them into making something until you came banging on the door to work on the stupid truck... on MOTHER'S DAY!  I saw more of Art's girlfriend than I did of my own children, how sad is that?"
Well, he did offer to take me out to dinner after work but the truth is, it wasn't about us~ it was about me and the kids, and he ruined that.
Well, not really.  My kids did shower me with gifts and cards, notes and texts, hugs and kisses later and throughout the day and once again I was Queen for a day.
But man, that guy really knows how to pee on a parade!