Sunday, April 18, 2010


My neat-o-wow cell phone is also a teenie, tiny computer without the headaches. It comes with all kinds of applications like a flashlight, a lighter with flame (for concerts don't ya know!), a scrolling banner, a dating advice service, and yes... a blogging service. So here I am trying it out. I'll warn you now, there is no spell check on this thing.
My banner is currently bright yellow with big black scrolling letters that spell out "You're jealous!" I like to flash it at Dickidoo whose phone probably has bigger and better apps, he just doesn't know how to use them.
Well, enough about my phone, lets see if this thing works.

Kids... can't live with them and can't live with them! (nope, that's not a typo!)

All my kids lives I've been waiting for them to grow up and become self sufficient so that I could maybe have some kind of peace while at home and in their presence.  I provided them with cell phones to keep tabs on them so that I can have peace of mind when they are not in my presence.


Now they phone and text me constantly when we're apart and are like talking fly paper when we're together.  Very little has changed from the days when I would hide in the bathroom only to be followed with little fingers wiggling from under the door as inquisitive voices demanded to know what I was doing. 

For the past 25 years I've not had a moment's peace.

Little by little though the flock is leaving the nest and flying away.  By the end of the year it could very well just be one fledging spawn remaining.  I'm looking forward to the empty nest and setting off on my own but that will happen in it's own good time.  For now, I revel in their company, as irritating as it can be sometimes. 

I could use a little less of the guilt trip phone calls though.  Seriously Rocky, you will not freeze to death on the 1/2 mile walk home from school.  And why don't you try calling your dad's cell phone for a change huh?  You're 50% his fault too!

Good grief!