Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A day with the Oompas~

"What's happening to me?  I'm all toasty inside.
And I'm leaking.  I love ya!

Today was spent Christmas shopping with Oompas Gabe, Zack, Art, Rocky, and Future Oompa-In-Law Steffi.  We made it to only one store, Michaels and spent 1 and 1/2 hours there. I got my stuff rung up and discovered that I didn't have my debit card.  I apologized and told the already holiday harried cashier that I was unable to pay and she would have to put the stuff back. The cashier said I was lucky she was on the other side of the counter then immediately said she was kidding.  I didn't believe her.  She looked and sounded like the kind of person who writes 'LOL' after every threat, insult and criticism she posts online but you know she's dead serious. The kind of person who says "Bless your heart" when what she really means is "Go to hell!"  She just stood there waiting for me to produce my debit card from my previously proven empty pockets like it might magically appear or that perhaps I too had been kidding, LOL and bless your heart!  
I had already told her once to cancel the transaction and was afraid to say it again.  Short of volunteering for a full body cavity search I didn't know what else to do when Art came to my rescue and swiped his debit card.  That was as close to a near death experience as I ever want to get.
My memory returned to me when the chilly December air hit my face outside the store.  Gabe had used my debit card when we gassed up the car earlier.  Phew, that was a relief! 
Dinner at Panda Express (their mushroom chicken is AWESOME, and the blonde Hispanic girl really packs the plates!) and then we finished the night with an encore presentation of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". For a second, underneath the green fur, I thought I saw the cashier from Michaels.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


My newest grandbaby is expected to arrive mid May, and it's a boy! I'm so excited but I have to remind myself to tone it down because it's not my baby... I have to share!  Hmmph!  We'll see about that!  Anyhow, Art and Steff are both positively glowing with pride and excitement. I guess we were kind of calculating on a summer arrival and while the young parents to be are a little frantic now that they have less time to prepare, I am excited because I don't have to wait as long to hold the tiniest Oompa~