Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm doing it again.  I promised myself I wouldn't, but I'm doing it again.  I'm prowling the web for information, anything... new or old, about my son, his unit, his base, and OIF in general.  I even visited the Final Roll Call site (so sad, I cry every time).  I need help!  And truffles!  Yeah, chocolate truffles.  And maybe some stinky smoked oysters.  And wine?  From a box?  Circa 2006?  Yeah, that would do the trick!  I'm feeling better just thinking about it.

Dickidoo is still in the woods with the Geriatric Hunting Club.  Thats what I call him and his little group of hunting buddies.  I keep threatening to get him a walker, cover it with camo duct tape and slap a gun rack on it, with maybe a little toilet paper holder on one side.  I haven't heard from him since the day he left last week.  They should be home today or tomorrow.  I hope he's over his cold by now.  Its been so peaceful in the house without all of his hacking and coughing.  Still, it'll be nice to have someone to pick on again.    The house really has been almost too quiet. 

Art and Becca leave for the State Marching Band Championship in Fort Collins tomorrow.  They are currently 8th in their division.  Yay Mesa Ridge!  Hopefully they will make it to the finals and Dickidoo will drive us up on Saturday to watch them compete.

Its been nice having Zack back home.  He's still a computer hog though.  He has a new laptop, but he doesn't like the little finger pad thingie so he's always on this thing.  What a guy!  I'm making him buy a mouse for the laptop today!  We only have him for another week or so.  Dickidoo's friend who got him the job is already calling to ask when he is coming back.  Hey, I just got him back!  Give me a second buddy!  Grrrrrr!  Oh well, they won't hold his job forever.  I just hope he has time to get his license before he leaves again.

Well, Rocky is home sick today, with the flu most likely.  I just fed her breakfast and now she's acting bored so I better go and give her a little TLC, poor little thing.  If she's feeling bad now, she's going to feel like kaa-kaa tomorrow!  Ah, but Daddy will be home by then.  Dickidoo tends to fuss over his little girls when they get sick.  Hmmmm, what about me Big Guy, huh?  What about me!  I was sick first!  I gave you the cooties, remember?  When do I get some of that TLC huh?  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!  I hate being self sufficient sometimes.  Oh well, where are those truffles?

Only happy thoughts for Camp Striker.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Kayla Woodhouse is a 10 year old with a rare condition that leaves her body unable to register pain or regulate heat the way an average human would.  A trip outside could kill her.  The warning twinge of pain that would stop any other person from touching a hot surface or sharp object goes un-noticed, potentially resulting in serious injury to Kayla.  Unfortunately protecting the vivacious 10 year old from the elements and herself does not come cheap.  Bills from a recent emergency brain surgery (unrelated) forced them to sell their home and the Woodhouse family found themselves in a financial nose spin that seemed unstoppable.

Enter a big hearted community, family and friends... and Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.  In a week's time Ty Pennington and his crew constructed a custom climate controlled home for the family, including a bowling alley, ice cream parlor and movie theater in the basement. 

1000's of spectators showed up for the reveal on Sunday.  The Pride of Mesa Ridge (the Oompa's High School Marching Band) was asked to perform and naturally I had to be there to witness their national TV debut.  Check out the camera checking me out, hey, I may even be on TV!  I'll be the one wearing the tan Bronco tee shirt on.  (the Bronco's lost, but I love them anyhow).

The Kayla Woodhouse, Fountain Colorado episode is scheduled to air sometime in December.

Did you know that Ty Pennington wears Calvin Klein?  Boxers I believe.

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Monday, October 8, 2007


Ahhhhhh, a sight for sore eyes.   Its so nice to have Zack back in the fold.  And OMG~ the muscles on that boy's arms are unbelievable!  I'm sure I can find something around the house for him to do to keep him toned before he has to go back to his job in Florida.

Its cold and flu season in Colorado, YAY! ~ Not!  I've been popping drugs all day.  The good thing is that I usually only get two bouts of the bug a season so this makes one down, only one more to go.  I can deal with that.  Dickidoo is starting to feel some of the early symptoms.  Needless to say he's not too happy at me for bringing the coodies home but he'll get over it... at elk camp this weekend.  Hahahahaha!  Oh, he is really NOT liking me right now!

"tell everyone i said hey. love yas
gabriel "

I love that he can get online even half way across the globe in a battle zone.

 13 Days Closer To Home!

Friday, October 5, 2007

HAPPY OCTOBER... bring it on!

I have been having a pretty ho-hum month, and its only 5 days old... but something happened this evening that just perked it all up.

#1:  Zack comes home tomorrow night, WOO HOO!  We don't speak the same language, he speaks 'smart' and I speak fluent 'huh?', but I sure have missed his intellectual conversation.  And maybe now someone will appreciate the suppers I cook while they are still hot!

#2:  The Tamale Lady has returned, and I actually had money to buy some!  Her tamales are a bit expensive at $1.25 each, but oh buddy are they worth it!  She sells them on the side of the road, still warm from an Igloo cooler out of the trunk of her car.  They are the best, and I love her for it.

#3:  GABE CALLED!  And he is in a safe location.  As usual he sounded great, like he was calling from right next door rather than clear on the other side of the world.  He's got a bit of a cough, due no doubt to the change in climate.  He had the same thing almost the whole time he was there the last time.  Cough and all, it was wonderful to hear his voice.

The Oompas are competing with the marching band again this year.  Rocky got to play the quad drums with them at the homecoming game and was tickled pink.  Becca is a flag twirler, oops, sorry... color guard, and Art is back on the tuba.  The Pride of Mesa Ridge has really made a name for itself and will be playing during the reveal for an episode of 'Extreme Home Makeover' that is being filmed just down the way on Sunday.  (watch for the upcoming Colorado episode).  And I get to be a chaperone on Wednesday when they go to the regional competition.  I was just going to drive along behind the buses to take pictures but the school did a background check on me and invited me to ride along on the bus with them.  How cool is that!  No doubt they decided after viewing the results of my background check that the students were actually safer with me in the bus rather than following behind in Big Red, but that's okay with me.  More photo opportunites and I get a free roundtrip ride to the competetion.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Happy Birthday ReBecca.  May this year just mark the beginning of a beautiful, wonderful future.

Love Mom~