Sunday, April 18, 2010


My neat-o-wow cell phone is also a teenie, tiny computer without the headaches. It comes with all kinds of applications like a flashlight, a lighter with flame (for concerts don't ya know!), a scrolling banner, a dating advice service, and yes... a blogging service. So here I am trying it out. I'll warn you now, there is no spell check on this thing.
My banner is currently bright yellow with big black scrolling letters that spell out "You're jealous!" I like to flash it at Dickidoo whose phone probably has bigger and better apps, he just doesn't know how to use them.
Well, enough about my phone, lets see if this thing works.



Congratulations on the phone. ENJOY! ENJOY!

alphawoman said...

I need a new phone as mine is held together with duct tape after my husband borrowed it for a spell. All those apps make my brain hurt. Do I really need to blog from my phone? Maybe I do!