Monday, December 1, 2008


Last evening a text message was forwarded to area high school students just as quickly as a 'Help Little Johnny' email on the internet. Apparently a boy over heard another boy telling some other boys that he was going to shoot up the school. The boy told his mother, who went to the police. She then set up a phone recording verifying the information for concerned citizens and skeptics. What wasn't clear to the general population was which of the three area high schools was involved.

We played it safe. The Oompas stayed home today. In the mean time it was reported that the scare was legitimate and a 15 year old boy from our rival high school just a few miles south of here was arrested. I am relieved that it was not one of my kids classmates, but it very well could have been.

We are trying to baby proof the house for little Ryott's arrival. Funny how quickly a house can become un-baby-proof. We had my 18 month old nephew staying with us until the end of October. Here we are just one month later and there is so much to be done. Ah, but it's worth it! I have missed my little Ryott and can't wait to hug him again. And Gabe too!

We had a White Thanksgiving. And yesterday I had to shovel the snow out of Big Red before I could climb in and sit down. We've had White New Years, White Valentines, White Easters, and once it snowed up in the mountains on the 4th of July. Maybe, just maybe, we might have a White Christmas this year. I hope so.

Yeah, I say that now, but when it happens I'll be fussing and complaining about shoveling out Big Red, and how the heater doesn't work and the window won't shut, and about snotcicles...

Did I ever mention how much I hate winter? Brrrrrrr!


Tabby said...

That is scary I am so glad no one was hurt. I am sure you are so excited about the pending arrival of Gabe and the baby, I hope you post pictures.
Take care

garnett109 said...

Yep , just as much as I hate Fruitcake.

Jeanne said...

You hate winter? Isn't the Dust Bunny Club situated in a very big WINTER area?? (LOL)

Can't wait to see pictures of Gabe and the baby!


Astaryth said...

That is just scary!!

On a not so scary note, I passed something on to you... Don't feel obligated to do anything with it, I just thought you deserved it.

Lori said...

It sounds like a tragedy may have been averted. I'm very glad it was taken seriously.