Friday, May 8, 2009

Technically retarded

retarded: (adjective)
Delayed in development.

I lovingly refer to my kids as 'techno-geeks'. They are, but it's not genetic that's for darn sure. Dickidoo, in a moment of jealousy, purchased himself an ipod nano in an attempt to keep up with the Oompas. He was entranced by the possibility of having thousands of songs at his finger tip. Being as Mother's Day was right around the corner, he got one for me as well (in purple!)

That was Quarto de Mayo... May 4th. It is now Ocho de Mayo, May 8th. Neither one of us has a single song loaded on our ipods.

Did you know that before you can load music on to an ipod, you must transfer your music to iTunes? No biggie. All you have to do is select 'add folder to library' and iTunes can transfer it all over. It started off quickly, then a little box popped up. Did I want iTunes to convert my .wma files?

Sure, why not!

6 hours and 4434 files later iTunes sent me an error stating that I didn't have enough room in my iTunes library for all of the files (really? it's only 23G or 11 days worth of music... yes, it calculated all of that).

I don't even know 434 songs in my lifetime let alone 4434! I did a quick scan of my incomplete library. iTunes had loaded every sound file it found including little sound effects ( is that what those .wma files were?) When I get tired of listening to the soothing sounds of Kenny G. I can listen to 'body falling in snow' or 'car backfiring'.

4 days later and neither Dickidoo nor I have a single song loaded on our ipods. I'm thinking we probably should have saved ourselves some time and money and gotten portable 8 track tape players. (in purple of course!)


garnett109 said...

8 Track were Cool back in the day!

cw2smom said...

OH GOOD FOR YOU! Once you actually get it straightened out, you will LOVE it! I love mine and it's got a zillion songs, plus a few books downloaded to it! Wonderful technology...but I still sometimes have difficulty just turning it off! I am retarded that way! LOL, Lisa

Astaryth said...

Phhhht! first mistake was the ipod thing!! My MP3 player is sooo much easier (and cheaper!). You don't need all the itunes stuff, you just plug it into the computer, locate your music and drag and drop. If you want playlists, you need to use the music player that is -already- included in windows though. If you are using a mac then the ipods are easier. Oh, and my player doesn't care where I buy my music!!

Tabby said...

Have the kids show you how to make play lists and you can just add certain songs to your ipod so it does not eat up all your space. Its not hard once you get used to it.

Becky said... kids have been a great help! LOL me, I can't figure things out by myself!!!

Charley said...

DOH! Time to reprogram the VCR for mom!