Tuesday, June 9, 2009


and this time it's one of their own!

Life in LoompaLand is in a time warp. With all of the Oompas back in the nest it is like old times. The house is loud and messy. Someone is always hungry. We never have enough toilet paper. Coffee is the scent of the day.

I watched Gabe grooming his hair from the bathroom doorway yesterday. He is trying to grow his hair back to it's pre-Army length, down to his waist. In the mean time it is at an uncontrollable length that is just beginning to curl over his ears. So he mousse's it down.

'Do you know why I had to buy my own mousse?' Gabe asked as he slicked back his hair in front of the tacky turquoise faux marble vanity. 'I used the girl's gel the other day and when I got to work Dad looked at me funny and asked what I had in my hair. When I looked in the mirror my hair was covered with glitter. At first I thought I just got a little glitter on me, but then I realized that my hair was covered with glitter.' He turned and shook a tube of hair gel at me.

'This is fricken glitter gel! I went to work with fricken glitter gel in my hair!'

I laughed long and hard. I'm not sure if I was laughing harder at the thought of my big tough son showing up at work with his dark wavy, neatly groomed hair sparkling brightly in the morning sun, or the thought that he had become a victim of his own siblings.

Yep, it's just like old times.


Call me Paul said...

I'm confused. Is there supposed to be content here?

garnett109 said...

kinda reminds me of when i pick up a tube of preparation hand started to brush my teeth

Tabby said...

That is so funny! I would love to have seen a picture of his glittery hair!

Melanie said...

poor Gabe!

REGINA said...

gee, jodi, i have so missed you! i have been without wifi and busy with other things that have kept me away from my computer. it is so nice to come back and find you still here.

glad the oompas are still the same as well.

miss you,


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha !

-- Christopher