Monday, May 7, 2012

Why I am fat:

I like creamer in my coffee.  Fat, sweet creamer.  I like buttered toast with orange marmalade.  I drink my wine from a mason jar.  I drink regular beer, not the lower calorie and less filling beer that makes you want to drink more.  And I walk leisurely through life so I can see, and hear, smell and taste... and feel everything rather than rushing through with blinders and hope I don't crash and burn along the way.  I'd rather savor my empty calories than burn them up during a self induced cardio pain fest sometimes referred to as exercise. (shudder!) I've got better things to do with my time.
This may all change very soon.  Today I have a little visit with my family practitioner to discuss my unscheduled overnight sojourn in her facility a fortnight ago.  I plan to plead my case by offering a chart documenting my resolve to get my blood pressure under control but~ realistically speaking I fear my days of butter soaked toast and hazelnut creamer laced caffeinated coffee are over.
Crazy as it may sound, coming from me of all people, I'm okay with that!
My 3rd grandbaby is due on Mother's Day.  And with my 5 kids I just know that there are plenty more where that comes from!  So this, my admission, is my first step to a healthier lifestyle.


REGINA said...

you have lots of friends out here that want you to stick around for a very long time, so we will support you with whatever we have to offer. once you see that baby's sweet face, you will have no problem following doctor's orders. you have my love and prayers throughout this difficult journey. hugs.

Sandisan said...

Honey I am fighting that same battle..I guess we just have to hunker down and "git er done"...My daughter Alisa lot 45 lbs recently but she did some cleanses through a relative of ours that sells that stuff..I can't afford it too much money so I am think weight watchers..can do it online and they really train you to eat right. Hang in you

Lori said...

Ultimately the best decision! (I like real cream in my coffee!!)