Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cleanse, because diarrhea is such an ugly word.

I've been reading up on break-thru miracle diets from time to time, just to motivate myself to finally losing all this extra poundage once and for all.  The latest is, of course, the cleanse.  It sounds good in theory, but then when you put all their fancy adjectives through a reality filter, what they're saying is a clear as day.
They want you to take their product (pills, drinks, elixir), which will give you the runs, and then you will 'flush' (their word, not mine) those pounds away.
Look... I've been sick before.  I've had those wonderful, highly contagious gastrointestinal bugs that leave a tender seat sore on your bum from frequent visits to the loo.  And yes, I have lost weight very quickly during that time, but it is somewhat painful, very inconvenient and highly embarrassing.
Why on earth would I bring that upon myself voluntarily?
And of course those pounds just work their way back on once you start feeling better and you exports solidify.
So while I agree with the theory behind their miracle weight loss program, I think I will pass. 
If I had known that it would be so hard to get the weight off, I never would have let myself indulge in all those extra calories all those years.
Yeah right!
Just show me a weight loss program where I don't have to exercise, don't have to starve, don't have to eat expensive tasteless vegetables and don't have to spend my days and nights sitting on the toilet. 
Sign me up, I'm in!

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Melanie said...

Good for you Jody....those diets are not good for you lose A LOT more than just water and "poop" on those diets!

Melanie :)