Thursday, March 25, 2004


Although I never would have believed it growing up, my mother was and probably still is the wisest woman I know.  She used to always say things like '2 wrongs don't make a right', and 'Always wear clean underwear when you leave the house just in case you get hit by a car...'.  She always had something perfectly fitting to say at the right time.  With me getting on in age I decided to ask my kids which of my sayings stuck with them the most... just to see what I would be remembered for long after I am gone.  Unfortunately I don't think I will qualify for the 'wisest woman' position because of all the wonderful thoughtful words of wisdom that I share with my children, their favorite is this... "Don't swallow your bubble gum because if you fart you will blow a bubble out your butt!"  My youngest even went so far as to test the theory and informed me that it didn't work.  Unfortunately she had already shared the hypothesis with her classmates and it became an unofficial schoolground science experiment, much to the dismay of many parents who probably would have given their eye teeth to know who had planted that notion in their childrens' mind.  Needless to say I keep a very low profile at that school.  Its not so bad, my youngest only has 2 more years there.

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