Wednesday, January 16, 2008

QUICK... (while they're still sleeping)

Wow, its the middle of January already.  Where has the time gone?

Seriously, where HAS the time gone?  One minute I'm in an airport in Middle America picking at lint on my Snuggle fresh sweater and next thing I know its 16 days into the new year, I'm suffering from sleep depravation and the entire house smells of diapers and left over formula.

Ah, the heady aroma of babies! (gag!)

Yesterday I stood in line to buy a can of formula.  I haven't bought formula in almost 13 years.  I glanced at the nutrition label but it doesn't matter to me.  We have been trained to buy and feed our babies what others say we should.  Almost $14 later I read that the can of powder doesn't even make a full gallon of formula.  Just for shits and giggles I worked out the cost per ounce.  Enfamil with Lipil runs $19.06 a gallon.  Amazing!

Kim and the boys will be moving into an apartment on Friday.  Its just a mile down the way, on the other side of the park.  Its close enough for us to be able to drop in and help out any time she needs us yet far enough away to give her some space from our potentially suffocating presence.  They're not even gone yet and I miss them already.

Except in the darkest hours of the earliest minutes of the morning.  I don't miss them then, I won't miss them then.  I'm not sure why but for some reason the little guys have decided that they should be up and screaming at 0'dark hundred every morning.  Nope, I won't miss that at all.

But everything else, the smiles, the hugs, the slobbery kisses, pretending that I'm seeing Mater being chased by the Ghost Lights in Cars for the first time... for the 200th time in a row... Hearing new words being learned and spoken for the first time, seeing walks across the floor getting longer and farther before the fall, yeah, I'll miss all that.

And the looks on all 3 little faces when they see me after the end of my work day, the look of delight that 'Maa-Maw' is home.

*Note: Sarcasm is lost on babies.  When I said 'Oh yay, you waited for me to get home to make a stinkie', I was being facetious.  They took me literally.  It has now become sort of a crude form of baby greeting... Maa Maw's home, Yay!  (poop!) And in triplicate!  Gonna have to start feeding those little guys flowers so their poop don't stink so bad!

Has having the Grand Oompas around been what I had expected and hoped?

Oh yes, and then some!  I only wish Gabe was here as well.  That would make it perfect.  Only 12 more months. 


mumma4evr said...

so glad youa re enjoying the little ones!

sdoscher458 said...

Oh, there you are...under a pile of diapers! Thought so. Grandma-ing feels good doesn't it? Except you went for the crash course, total immersion. Glad you came up for air and were able to journal. I've got to do some more writing myself..take, Sandi

astaryth said...

This just cracked me up:

*Note: Sarcasm is lost on babies.  When I said 'Oh yay, you waited for me to get home to make a stinkie', I was being facetious.  They took me literally.  It has now become sort of a crude form of baby greeting... Maa Maw's home, Yay!  (poop!) And in triplicate!

Gotta Love it! I was figuring you were having so much fun with the littlest Oompas to be able to visit here. And, that is as it should be. Enjoy them. We all know that these stages don't last forever :(

cyn4mc2856 said...

What a cherishing time...and something to store in your chest of memory treasures.

Loved the entry.


deshelestraci said...

Oh there you are!  You're the one with the spit up on your shoulder and the baby wipes stuck to your shoe!  
So glad you are enjoying them!

justplainbill said...

Jodi, sounds like you are having a great time. ill

mutualaide said...

Oh, I wondered if you were out by the creek washing diapers on rocks ... but I guess you've just been busy hugging and snuggling and loving!

chat2missie said...

Sounds like your having a wonderful time with the babies!

princesssaurora said...

Oh I am so glad that all is well and just busy busy busy with babies!!!!  Yay!  LOL at the wake up and the poop!  I don't miss that part either, but oh, the giggles and wonder of little ones... Praying for Gabe as always...  and all of you!

be well,

jckfrstross said...

so glad the grand Oompas are here and will enjoy Grandpa and Grandma:) and the Aunts and Uncles:) have a good week


helmswondermom said...

It's good to hear from you.  Glad Kim and the little ones got moved in okay and that they're still close to you.

rdautumnsage said...

Great to hear from you hon! The thing about grandbabies is you get to spoil them , enjoy them and then send them home to their parents. Sounds like it's been a wonderful "poopy" adventure so far. (Hugs) Indigo

swmpgrly said...


missheathyrmaree said...

I have MISSED you.
I finally got you re-added to my bloglines so I am back to comment you to death!

i wanna see some pics of those grand oompas!