Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was exposed to the ugly side of human nature today.  I saw evidence of innocence lost... stolen away like a thief in the night.  I saw a mother's anguish as she was forced to face the reality of her suspicions.  

I returned home to a dark and quiet house that looked like the surreal aftermath of a hurricane.  Toys, shoes, videos, dishes, books and clothes were strewn from wall to wall in a path of destruction.  Tonight I found the clutter reassuring and comforting.  It was a sign of happiness.  I could almost hear the echoes of laughter that must have filled the air just hours ago. 

The Oompas must have really tuckered themselves out making such a mess.  They need their rest.  There is more havoc to reek come morning.

Some where out there, not far away, another mother probably lies awake straining for the echoes of happiness but hears only the sound of her own anguished heart.

Children are gifts we receive.  Cherish and protect them.  Teach them, explain about when it is okay to tell a grown up 'no'.  Keep their laughter ringing loudly.

But make them clean up their own darn mess.  The Oompas have a lot to do before they leave for school in the morning!


garnett109 said...

When my daughter was little we'd play the pick up game and then we'd take a nap

deshelestraci said...

He He.  I like that twist.  I hope that the mother  and child can be healed.

cdj0423 said...

love the ending!....have a great day

swmpgrly said...

lol Oh the word NO isnt it a lovely word.
Even when a 2 yr old tells it to her

cmarlow480 said...

DANG JO............ Where have you been lol....... youve been very MIA :( I was wondering if you guys were ok or not lol :(


cmarlow480 said...


I just thought I would post this about AOL Journals getting shut down and my thoughts on it.. Hope you will stop by and check it out and leave a comment :)

~ Christopher ~