Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I heard it on House so it must be true~

"As long as you're here, it's just a fight. As soon as you get a place, then it's a divorce."
(House to Wilson on why he might be dragging his feet in moving out and getting a divorce lawyer.)

I suppose I'm dragging my feet.  I suppose I should stop talking and start walking. I suppose~

I suppose that while it's true that I'm excited about my pending independence I'm actually terrified that I might not be able to make it on my own financially.  From a distance I can convince myself that I can do it and I can do without, but when the time comes I back off because it's just not feasible. 

Of course it's feasible.  And yes, it will be financially difficult but here and now, looking into the future I know it will be worth it.  If only I can convince my present self that there is no convenient, good time so it may as well be now.

I suppose~

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