Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HAPPY NEW ME! (One step at a time~)

2011 started with a resounding 'bang' that just keeps building.  Last year is hardly what I would describe as a bad year although it did have it's challenges.  I just felt like I was dangling in limbo, with no course, no destination and no means to get elsewhere.  Today, on just the 5th day of the new year I am caught up in the ever growing momentum of life that has me breathless with anticipation.

One step out the door.  One step away from Mrs. One step closer to Me.

Tomorrow my new home will be a tiny apartment on the south end of town, shared with a son, a daughter, a parrot, the shithound and 3 goldfish.  It is only temporary until Art can find a permanent roommate.  After that, for Me, who knows?  But I can't wait to find out!


Missie said...

The dog looks adorable wearing the New Years Hat.

Happy belated New Year by the way.

Enjoy your weekend.

zzop357 said...

I just found your blog.I'd love to follow your life and get to know you;
I'm just starting to blog again after a time off. I also hope we can be friends on Facebook.Take care,Donna

william2233 said...

Cute picture, from a children author of Concord, Ca.

GrapevineTexan said...

Happy New Year!!
I'm glad that things are looking up. I'll raise a glass to toast your new apartment and wish you all possible good things in 2011.