Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm outta there!

I have finally made the first giant step towards independence by moving out of the house, The House of Loompa.  So many memories were made there and I won't lie, most of them were good.  Even the bad memories weren't that bad.  But it was time to move on and I have.

It's getting easier to point the car in the direction of the apartment now, and all references to 'home' are about the little 900 sq. ft. 2nd floor apartment that I share with a son and daughter... and parrot.

The hardest part right now is cooking for 3.  After cooking for 7 for so long it's hard to make the adjustment.  Occasionally I'll catch myself before I start throwing things together but most times I'll find myself staring at dishes of food that will feed us for a month.  Today is day 2 of teriyaki chicken.  A bowl of tacoroni and cheese sits ignored in the refrigerator next to a zippy bag of Cajun chicken.  That never happened at The House of Loompa.  Guess it's time for a Left-over left-overs buffet.

And yes, I miss my best friend.  I miss talking to him and sharing my day with him.  I know what I have to do, but how do you let go of someone when you never really had a hold of them to begin with?  You'd think that would make it easier but for some reason it does not.

So what do I do with this hole in my life?  What do I fill it with?  A new vice?  A new hobby?

Baby steps.  Let's just start with A New Me~

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You're doing GREAT. Take it one day at a time. If you can make peace with your life as it is, everything else will gradually fall into place.