Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Note to self~ don't go to bed on a full stomach!

Last night I dreamed that I was pregnant.  At my age that's not even funny!  And being a Born Again Virgin, that would raise questions that I'm not so sure the rest of the world would be ready to hear and accept the answers for.  Then of course, there would be the issue of having yet another one of my off spring loose on this earth.  Not a good situation all the way around and no matter how you look at it.
But~ should the unthinkable ever happen...
If chosen to be the Born Again Virgin Mother, I promise that all church sermons will be limited to 10 minutes or less, all chapels will have a Crying Baby section, the pews will be cushioned and a fried chicken and biscuit dinner will follow every Sunday Service (to encourage attendance and fellowship of course! not to mention feeding my addiction to the combo.)
I am Dornbrau, Born-Again-Virgin and Dust Bunny President, and I approve this message.

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

You are like my sister....you just love your food! lol
At least your dream didn't waken you up like mine did once over. I was reaching for the loveliest of iced fancy cakes when I woke up biting my fingers! lol
Serves me right for trying to reach for it first. Bad mannered to say the least! hahaha
I like the creche idea at church.
Jeanie xx