Friday, April 1, 2011

Who, me?

Apparently I snore~
I vehemently deny the accusation but I am out numbered by my many accusers.  Well, perhaps I do... a little, due to my seasonal allergies which have my sinuses so congested that my eyes bulge like a fat Chihuahua.  It's not a pretty sight, believe me, but I don't care.  I don't have to look at me.
Anyhow, I did a little research and it is recommended that I sleep on my side (I'm a tummy and back sleeper), don't take sleep aids (no melatonin?) and no alcohol.
Great, in order for me to stop snoring so everyone else can sleep, I must refrain from the very things that help me sleep?
Awwww, what the heck, sleep is over rated!
I still don't believe them cos I've never actually heard myself snore! I think they're just jealous of how fast I can achieve R.E.M.


Jeanie said...

Well...I'm afraid I sometimes waken myself up with a start wondering 'what the heck was that?'
It was me, much to my chagrin, and not some buzz saw in my ear. lol
I just have to accept it. Sigh!

Dad said...

Glad to see you here again.Why not have coffee with us every morning.So glad that you are reading my journal again.