Saturday, May 24, 2008


I spent the night up a mountain in a tipi with 3 giggling teenaged girls.  All 4 of us had gas real bad from my homemade Ghostrider Chili.  Fortunately for us the sides of the tipi kept blowing up so the smell never had a chance to settle in.  Near hurricane gusts of winds threatened to level our campsite but morning revealed that only the dining canopy suffered any real damage.

And I had a wonderful email waiting for me on my cell phone, which amazingly had a signal up on the mountain.

"Hey mom, well I leave for Kuwait tonight, please send money!"

So here I am in the quiet house after wiring some cash to Iraq for Gabe to travel home with.  I figure he will probably be in country within two days if all goes well.  At any rate by this time tomorrow he will be safely out of Iraq.

Time to head on back up to the mountain to rejoin the Oompas.  What a beautiful weekend it is, despite my injured foot.  Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant Memorial Weekend, and don't forget the purpose for the holiday.



deshelestraci said...

The tipi sounds, uh, fun.  LOL  Yeah that Gabe is going to be home soon!

chat2missie said...

I'm so glad Gabe is on his way home safely!

sdoscher458 said...

Enjoy your weekend and when Gabe gets in give him a big hug from me too. Love Sandi

swmpgrly said...

Im glad hes on his way.

lazarai said...

Oh YAY, Gabe's on his way!! And I thought of you when I heard how bad the weather was north of Denver the other day....I'm glad I DIDN'T know you were in a freaking teepee - I would have been REALLY worried!! LOL

Have a great weekend,

princesssaurora said...

Oh please let us know when Gabe is safely stateside!  Praying for you!

be well,