Thursday, May 1, 2008

IT'S WING TIME (thats winter + spring)

Or maybe its 'sprinter'.  Whatever....... Yesterday it was 73 degrees.  Today it snowed.  Notice the 'ed', following the 'snow', as in 'past tense' and 'no longer snowing'.  The sun is out and the thermometer outside the kitchen window reads 50 degrees.  I think I've figured out why they call this town 'Colorado Springs'.  Its so we can say that yes, Colorado does have a spring... located at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain, south of Denver and north of Pueblo.  But mostly we just have winter.

Rocky and I went for our hunters briefing on Fort Carson.  There was all of the usual ho-hum stuff they tell you every year, but this time they pointed out how hunting would be affected by the recent burn.  It was very sobering.  Over 10,000 acres burned.  Complete training areas were burned to the ground.  I recognized some of the locations as good hunting sites.  It will take years to regrow these areas, and if Mother Nature is kind, it will be a healthy regrowth.  Still, it saddens me to imagine all of the wild life and plant life lost to the fire.  And of course there was a human cost with the loss of the tanker pilot. 

Rocky wasn't too interested in the technicalities of the briefing.  She fidgetted.  And then she fussed because we were in an important meeting, in a fancy military board room with fancy leather seats, and her dad who was a speaker, was standing in the back of the room eating Reeses peanut butter Whoppers and drinking from a big pink jug.  She met another teenaged girl who lives in the next town over.  They exchanged cell phone numbers and would have texted each other right away if either of them could get a signal in the meeting room. 

Today I procrastinate.  I am waiting for it to warm up a little more so I can clean out Big Red.  Instead I find myself hoping it will snow a little more, making it too cold to work outside.  I know it is for the best, and I am tired of driving in left hand circles to get where I need to go, but Big Red is my chariot, my Cinderella carriage, my baby!

Okay Dickidoo you win... but no mini van!  Besides, I can't (won't!) take a mini van out hunting and I certainly can't haul and elk out in one!  Hey wait, Johnny went hunting in his Fiero.  I want a Fiero Dickidoo, yeah!  A Fiero!

Oh, oh, oh!  I've got a couple 'gotta tries' to share with you.  Hershey's limited edition Vanilla Yogurt Cream kisses are amazing!  They're not too sweet, but very rich so don't go thinking you can pig out on them.  Just a couple will leave you very happy.  And Coffee Mate has a new line of creamers that are worth investigating.  So far I have only tried the Tiramisu.  It smells good enough to drink from the bottle and makes the most luscious cup of perfectly flavored coffee.  Its liquid dessert!


chat2missie said...

It's wing time here in PA!!  

glensfork4 said... you are approving the tiramisu? then I will try....remember when they did this before with the blackberry???  UGH!! I will pick some up (but grabbing vanilla just in case LOL)


lazarai said...

Well, here in FL, we only have summer. It's hot summer from May through October, and mild summer from November through April. Mild summer reminds me each year why I moved down here. Hot summer is HORRIBLE....and starts....TODAY!! GAH

Sorry to hear about Big Red....I hope you get the Fiero of your dreams!!

Take care,
:) Carol