Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Left to right:  Zack, Gabe, Rocky, Becca.  Front:  Art

Our last formal portrait of the family was taken before Rocky was born.   For some reason a studio setting just doesn't capture the vivacious personalities of the Oompas.  They humor me every time we get together and sit nicely... some what... but the moment is gone in a flash, and if I miss the shot I am out of luck until the next reunion.  I can't say that I mind too much though because its moments like this that I feel more accurately depicts my children as they really are.

I put Art on a plane to Oregon today.  He'll be there for the summer.  No tears this time.  I think I'm getting better at letting my little ones leave the nest.  Still, I'm going to miss that little stinker and his pink haired girl friend. 

We have Gabe until Father's Day.  He leaves that morning (bummer!) so we will celebrate at the Renaissance Festival the day before.  It will be strange not having Art with us as a pirate, but I've promised to eat a turkey leg for him and send a picture.  Not to worry though, we plan another trip to the fair when he returns in July.

Besides having Gabe safely home and all of the Oompas back together I think the best part of my life lately was when my youngest Grandbaby Ryott leaned over and kissed me on the face the night before last.  Did this tiny little 8 month old know what he was doing?  I choose to believe that he did. 

I am the happiest that I have been in months.  Happy is such a nice feeling.

But my foot still hurts like a booger!  Grrrr!


sdoscher458 said...

Oh this shows such happines and love at just being together, as a Mom this picture just is perfect.  I'm happy that you were able to have all your babies together for a little while. My youngest Joey took off for Portland Oregon, but he will be staying with my sister across the river in Vancover until he gets his apartment, job (the whole nine yards!) So I definitely see travel in my, Sandi

benfdavis said...

Mom and Dad has already seen it Dorn.  Great photo of the Oompas as we remember them.  So what's Arthur gonna be doing in Oregon?  
The yellow ribbon is still on the tree for Gabe and we'll bless his ribbon on Father's Day.
Keep in touch and watch that foot so you don't make it worse.

Mom & Dad

princesssaurora said...

It is so wonderful to see a picture of them all!!!  

be well,

deshelestraci said...

Yeah for family time!  You do have a lively bunch over there!  I feel bad for the moms who have boring kids!

chat2missie said...

The picture is priceless!!

frankandmary said...

You certainly deserve the happiness, x2.

lazarai said...

I love all your photos,'s fun watching your Oompas grow up!! I'm happy that you're happy, too -- you deserve it!!


swmpgrly said...

Thats a great pic.

cmarlow480 said...

So how old are all the OOMPA's JO?

I know Gabe being the oldest ?

-- Christopher