Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oops, I did it again.

I'm in the dog house.

Not the shithound's house, but the metaphoric dog house although I think I would prefer the literal dog house which is actually a plastic travel kennel on the side of the house.

I accidentally tipped my glass of wine on Dickidoo's old laptop while shopping for a lense he had offered to buy me for my birthday. The machine sizzled to an abrupt stop... no error code, no blue screen of death... just the black screen of 'Oh My God, What Have I Done?' That wasn't the first time I'd splashed my drink on the laptop. Last month I spilt a little bit on the bottom corner... not in the keyboard, but Dickidoo had asked me not to put my drink near the computer again. I forgot.

How come when I do something wrong, disaster almost always ensues yet when anyone else does something wrong nothing really happens and nobody seems to notice? I guess I'm just lucky like that. It sucks!

I confessed to Dickidoo as soon as he got home and he sat there with his arms crossed, glaring at me the way he does when people screw up around him. It's really an intimidating sight. I felt like a child standing in front of the principal. For a second I wished I had taken Rocky's advice to blame it on the kitten.

'I'm sorry', never felt so ineffective.

Oh well, what can he do, divorce me? I'm thinking I won't be getting that lense for my birthday though.


Dawn said...

{{{ Jody }}} Falls under 'Sorry, but shit happens'

be well...

garnett109 said...

File that under Oppps.
You fried the motherboard.
Cheaper to buy a new one.
As Dawn said" Shit Happens"

Traci said...

Oh man. I hate that! Wish I could afford a lens. I'd give you one for your birthday.

Evil Twin Sister said...

Damn! You lost a *whole* glass of wine in his damn computer? SUCKS!


Lazarai said...

Yeah...what a waste of good wine!

Happy birthday, Dorn!!
:) Carol