Friday, May 21, 2010


Becca graduated from Mesa Ridge on May 2010. She played her violin with the Orchestra for the last time during the ceremony.  I almost didn't cry.

The next day she and about 50 of her friends, including Art's Pink Haired Girlfriend who graduated with her, celebrated at the house with 50 cans of shaving cream and 6 cases of soda pop.  I thought for sure that after a few hours the group would settle down and maybe thin out.  The party lasted 7 hours and ended up on the patio with s'mores and the hot tub.  By the time the last teenager got out of the hot tub the water level was down by 10 inches and a thick layer of shaving cream scum bubbled like a pale oil slick.

Amazingly, despite the diverse personalities and lifestyles, there was no drama, no fights (other than the sponsored and supervised shaving cream fight), and no drugs or alcohol.  Just 7 hours of good clean fun. 

That's not entirely true.  The house is trashed, and Becca had another party today so she didn't clean up like she had promised.  Well, guess what, she graduated from high school, not from house work.  She can clean up tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to look at a one room bunk house on a ranch about 20 minutes from here.  Supposedly it's one of the property's original buildings, which means its as old as dirt and is actually built into a hillside. In less than 12 hours I might be walking through the doorway of my future home.

Dickidoo found this place for me and is going with me to the walk-through in the morning.  He might just be trying to get me out of the way quicker but I don't care. I'm so excited I could pee!


Shininggoober said...

Con-graduations Becca- you're so lucky to have a mom like yours.


Congratulations to your daughter and friends. Here's hoping you find your new beginning. Maybe the bunkhouse will turn out great.

Traci said...

Congrats to your daughter! Huge accomplishment!

Becky said...

con-gradulations to Becca!!!!