Sunday, October 29, 2006


No, they're not real ... yet!  Give me a few years.  And I swear to goodness if anyone comes up then and askes to feel them like people did last night at the party, I'll deck them!  (Unless they're as hot as my mullet head Dickdioo.... hehehehe!)


Did you remember to set your clocks back before you went to bed last night?  I didn't.  I went to bed almost as soon as I got home from a co-worker's Halloween party, set the alarm and slept quite soundly until the clock radio went off.  I went through my routine morning procrastination before finally rolling out of bed 10 minutes later.  I dressed, spackled my face, listened to the news while slurping left over coffee, then checked the VCR to see if it was time to heat up Big Red.  4:35?  Impossible.  It was 5:15 before I even got out of bed.  And then it hit me... Daylight Fricken Savings!

So I jumped back into bed for another hour.  Woo hoo!

The Broncos played today.  Thats all I could think about today while at work... watching the game!  I got tied up at the last minute but I still had time to get home and make a sandwich before rushing down to my favorite overstuffed leather chair by the fireplace to watch the game...

Which wasn't on because Dickidoo was channel surfing for the Steelers game.  Grrrrrrrr!

So I took my sandwich and headed upstairs to watch the game on the other tv.... the one that Art was playing some stupid video game on. 

'Dude, my GAME is on and your dad is watching his game downstairs' I whined.

'Well my game is on too' Art said without even looking up.  The other kids half heartedly urged him to let me watch the football game but what can I say... he is his father's son.

So I ran back down stairs with my sandwich with the intention of watching the game stats online while the Steelers played on the Magnavox.  I got asfar as turning the laptop when Dickidoo took over.  I thought maybe he was going to pull the game up for me but he had Cincinnati on the screen and the tv.  Major grrrrrrrrrrr-ness!

By this time I had lost my appetite.  So I ran back upstairs, put my sandwich in the fridge and went to the bedroom to listen to the game on the radio's TV band.

At half time Dickidoo came up to inform me that the game was on since nothing else good was on, and that he had actually been trying to pull up the game on the laptop for me when I stomped off but it wasn't being streamed at the time.  Okay, maybe I was a little hasty but he didn't say a word at the time, and he waited until halftime to come and tell me that he had changed the channel to the Bronco game.  So I cursed the Steelers to lose.

Unfortunately in doing so I made bachi for myself and the Broncos lost as well.

Next week there will be no fight over which game we will be watching because next week is the Bronco / Steeler game.  We will call it the Boobidoo / Dickidoo grudge match.  May the best equidae win!


swmpgrly said...

love the

jckfrstross said...

love the look:) have a great week


midwestvintage said...

 I wondered what they did with my old boobs after my breast reduction, LOL.  I will have to tell my son your the one responsible for his beloved Steelers losing.  He was so bummed and my granddaughter said she cried.


bgilmore725 said...

As I am a first time visitor, I want to say congratulations on your OSCAR... er, I mean... VIVI award for most humorous journal! They sure look real... good job on the special effects! I may browse about for awhile... don't mind me, no need to get dressed up for me. Again, congratulations.  Bea

deshelestraci said...

So funny!  Don't you love when men tell you they were doing something for you after the fact?  I usually waste a bunch of time being mad and all for the lack of a word or two.  Would it kill them to talk?!

missheathyrmaree said...

The game was a good one yesterday--The Colts played like shit, but ended up on top! Woot!  Sorry Dorn!  Ironically, I thought of you throughout the entire game :]
Love your costume--Totally funny!

princesssaurora said...

Ahh I believe it will be the Broncos next week!  Yay!

I love the costumes!  lol  Dickidoo is one hot blonde!

be well,

cmarlow330 said...

DEAR GOD JO haha that looks like a BACHED boob job hahaha

but love the coustume hahaha

ps whats bachi?

and I thought you had 2 puters?

yours in your little office thing and Dickadoo's Lappy?


redbird914 said...

Good grief child .. we may have the same mom, but I am sure glad we dont have the same boobs!  We found our missing yak, will update you later.  I am trying to ease my way back into journaling ... grrrrrrrrrrrr ... why oh why do I have so many different ones!  I wish everyone would just be loyal to ONE so I can drop the others!  Kiss the kiddos for me!  Love, Redbird

hestiahomeschool said...

I wore my rendevous clothes---and was mistaken for being AMish..