Friday, September 28, 2007

KLINGON DIRTY DISH FAIRY? (don't count on it!)

Its another Friday night home alone.  I'm starting to get used to these, but its still fresh enough to where I find myself sitting around doing nothing, just enjoying the peace and quiet.  I'll get organized, motivated and inspired... later.  Tonight I procrastinate.

Dickidoo is on a temporary late schedule for work which means he has the mornings off.  For any other red blooded American that would mean sleeping in, but not my Dickidoo.  He has been doubling as.... THE DIRTY DISH FAIRY!  YAY!  And this morning, after I had already gone to work, he got up and made the Oompas a hot breakfast before they left for school.  Yay²!

Today after work I found myself thinking about the growing pile of dirty dishes on the counter and how it would be a shame to waste all his hard work and let them get out of control like they had been recently but I just couldn't bring myself to get up off of the couch to wash them.  So I tried an old Klingon trick I learned from Mr. Spock years ago on 'Star Trek', the old 'washing dishes mind meld'.  Okay, maybe it was the 'Bewitched' nose wiggle or 'I Dream of Jeannie's' pony tail flip because the mind meld sure as heck didn't work.  Those dirty dishes are still there just as dirty as before and I think they might even be multiplying.   Grrrrrr!  Where's that Dirty Dish Fairy anyhow?

Oh lookie, I can add a poll on my journal.  How cool!  Hmmm, what can I poll? 

I know!

p.s.:  Did you know that Gabe is



deshelestraci said...

Oh he does dishes?!  What a deal.  Mine doesn't even know how to use the fridge!

princesssaurora said...

Actually... since you were the original photographer in the family I believe that you should have TOTAL custody of the camera!  LOL  AND, he should do the dishes!

be well,

rdautumnsage said...

Dickadoo will cook? Mine will on very, very rare occasions. Just today while I was on the computer he came up to me rubbing his stomache saying he was hungry. Sound like a petulant child? You bet! He won't even make himself a sandwich he'll go hungry first. Dickadoo better be sharing! (Hugs) Indigo

mpnaz58 said...

Make sure you tell Dickidoo that your poll is based on scientific fact and if he doesn't comply with the results, he is relagated to washing dishes for the rest of his life starting with the current pile!!  (I take cash, checks, gold, brass, tin...)
xoxo ~Myra

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:) i have a sink full of dirty dishes here ugh


plittle said...

  I think you're confused. Klingons "do" dishes by basically breaking them over each other's heads in a growling orgy of semi-friendly violence. When they are done, they straighten their bandoliers, and crunch their way through swaths of broken fine bone china, on their way back to their posts, quite unable to meet each other's eyes.

sdoscher458 said...

Oh I needed to smile today and your entry did it...thanks. Did you pad the ballot box you bad girl you? I need a dirty dish fairy here too...Joe would turn Greek and break them, Sandi

ljat1 said...

Oooo, where do those dirty dishes come from?  I think one or two dirty dishes just don't want to be the only ones and they start dirtying all the others.  We don't even have to be here it seems!  Have a great day.  God Bless, Linda  

chat2missie said...

Heck yea you should share that camera! LOL  Have a good weekend.

motoxmom72 said...

I remember mymom threatening my brother with bodily harm because most of her silverware, bowls, cups, and plates were up in his room growing penicillin!!!!  I wish I had a dirty dish fairy over here...oh WAIT!!  I do!!  My sister goes around the house mumbling how everyone can't take their crap into the kitchen and she collects it all and puts it in the kitchen!!  LOLOLOL!!!!


ktkamanski said...

This entry reminds me of my sisters house - for some reason they both become like cat's (afraid of water) when it's time to do the dishes. They will use every possible dish in the house before putting a little soapy water in the sink.  I would be afraid to be a dishwasher in their home! Always enjoy your reads, so refreshing and full of a sense of humor! Hope your day is happy one - Take care,

pixiedustnme said...

I can't vote because there's no option that says "He should just give up now and let me have it"!

rbrown6172 said...

is he as good with the thing as you are???  i seriously doubt it.  :)  therefore, you should have control and let him borrow it from time to time...anyway, i've already told you my philosophy for hubby....what's his is mine, and what's mine is mine. hehehe  gabe's visit is nearly here!!!  yay!!!!

jlyn0809 said...

Dickidoo should let you have the Nikon...I am totally behind you 100%!  

hestiahomeschool said...

I am so glad you are getting to see Gabe again...we thought about him a lot this past week when we drove past Fort campbell (Is that where he is?)