Tuesday, December 11, 2007

QUIET, and is it spring yet?

The Northern Oompas are spending the evening with their uncle (Kim's brother) in town.  For a little while all of the gates and barriers are down.  No hurdles for my stubby old legs.  Even Rocky ran a couple of laps around the upstairs in pure glee.

But its too quiet.  No ornery chatter from Cyrus.  No happy screeching from Ayden.  No little baby giggles and coos from Ryott(I must remember to ask Kimmie how to spell Cyrus... with a C or with an S... I've been spelling it both ways.)  It just doesn't feel right any more without them.  Grandma Connie must be missing them like crazy.  I know my poor little Zachary is missing his partner in crime.

We found an apartment just a few blocks away.  Its close enough to both Kim's brother and us so we can help her out at a moment's notice and yet still far enough for her to have her independence.  The management there is great with soldiers and Gabe is doing the application online from Iraq, how cool is that? 

We'll be driving up to the mountains to get a tree.  The little ones will be joining us in this family tradition.  Its amazing how little children can brighten up the holiday season.  Don't get me wrong, even with my teenage Oompas we have a great time celebrating but little ones add a touch of magic that excites everyone.

Being the uber-graceful person that I am, I tripped over a rack of tortillas at work while sniffing a pack of garlic tortilla wraps and re-injured my calve right where I almost tore the muscle in half about 4 years ago.  Although I fell forward and landed on a bed of tortillas, I am now sporting a huge dark black, blue and red bruise on the back of my calve.  Only me........  grrrrrrrrrr!

Don't know yet if we'll have a white Christmas, but I can say for sure that we currently have a white Tuesday.  We got a nice snowfall this weekend, and its been snowing very lightly all day.

Okay, that's enough snow for me.  Where's that dang groundhog?  I guarantee he won't be seeing his shadow today...  Come on, bring on the spring!


gaboatman said...

Boy, you sure do get excited over garlic tortillas!  Sorry about reinjuring the calve muscle.  Glad you have a short respite from the Oompas.  They will be back in short order, though.  I'll never forget the two Christmas's that my father took me to the woods to cut our own tree.  Other years did not offer that opportunity, but the two that we were able to do it will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Merry Christmas to you and your family!

jckfrstross said...

ok where are the pictures????? babies and of your bruise torn muscle????? Yes we have snow here too UGH love the snow hate to drive in it. Have a great humpday


astaryth said...

Little children are the best thing about the Christmas season. I just talked to my Grandson on the phone tonight. He is 5 and is -very- excited about Santa <g>

dhga30047 said...

There is nothing like children at Christmas!  I hope you feel better soon.  I'm in GA and it's 60 degrees outside and it's 11:10 pm.  I think we're expecting a high of 76 degrees tomorrow.  So sad....doesn't feel like Christmas.  And we still haven't had any dang RAIN!!!  Take care.  Donna

cmarlow480 said...

HAHAHAHAHA JO.. oh god I wished I worked for the Walmart there in CO

I mean it sucks you hurt yourself but I am just sitting here picturing myself seeing you fall onto a pallet of Tortilla's hahahaha sorry I had to laugh

Ps.. sorry ive been gone for such a long time been so busy with crap thats going on in my life.. I plan on starting to write again!


formally journals.aol.com/cmarlow330
RIP Blog :(

princesssaurora said...

You are right... little ones... under 5 let's say... really bring a certain magic to Christmas that you lose over time!  Enjoy yours!  I am so excited that you found a place for Kim so close!!!  Yay!  And, when Gabe comes back it will be perfect!  Maybe Gabe can get a job at the Fort near you????

be well,

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your wednesday and I hope your leg is better.  We're getting some snow tomorrow and possibly a big storm on Saturday.

deshelestraci said...

I bet you just have to pinch yourself about twice a day.  You have grandbabies within driving distance!!!!!  What a blessing.  Poor Grandma Connie.  
And poor you!  Garlic tortillas?!  Hope you heal soon!

mpnaz58 said...

Yes, little ones bring the magic back to an otherwise stressful and commercialized holiday.  Oh, its still stressful and commercialized, but in their eyes, its fresh, new, and sparkly!  And for just a moment, it seems that way to us!  Spring??  Girl, it isn't even officially winter yet!!  Whatchatalkinabout :)
xoxo ~Myra

mutualaide said...

Well, we haven't even started winter yet (officially) ... so it's going to be a long time if you keep wishing for the groundhog!

So happy that life is taking a good turn with grand oompas & Mom staying close to you.  

sdoscher458 said...

Oh funny lady be careful.  Actually having little ones around you will find that you lose weight too, besides getting agile again..lol. I haven't any steps to climb here in Florida but when I go up NOrth my daughter has steps so its up, down, up down and all around...takes me two days to acclimate...then its all good. Enjoy...love, Sandi

helmswondermom said...

I hope they are able to get the apartment.  I congratulate you on recognizing that Kim will need to be far enough away for her own independence.  There are so many in-laws who don't respect that.