Friday, April 25, 2008


Dickidoo is a pretty decent mechanic but he is not a magician.  When he says that Big Red isn't worth fixing I have to respect his decision.  Still, I can't help feeling like the lone resistance while the rest of the world circles around like oil thirsty metallic piranhas!  Back, I say!  Back!

What is Big Red?  Big Red is a huge 1991 Ford F150 pick-up with a thirst for 85 unleaded.  She has taken me from one end of the state to the other.  We've watched the sunrise together.  We've watched hot air balloons drift gracefully across the crisp morning sky, we've driven mountain highways and scaled rocky paths.  We've splashed through flash floods, plowed through the snow and danced across the ice.  We've had a few close encounters of the automotive kind and seen a few flashing red and blue lights in our time.  We've parked over a look out and wished upon a falling star.

Big Red is not just a big red pick-up truck.  Big Red is a part of me.  A part that another part of me is trying to convince me to let go of.

What most people don't understand is that in this great big world full of possessions, Big Red is probably the only thing I have ever really wanted to own.  Family doesn't count, you don't own family.  And while I prize my camera, it is more of a tool.  Big Red, on the other hand, is as close to being mine and 'me' as any object can be.  Silly as it may seem to some, it's hard for me to let go and it does hurt.

Kind of makes me glad I'm not a pick-up truck otherwise I would have been scrapped a long time ago.

Where are those falling stars, I sure could use a wish come true right about now.

Oh wait, Gabe is coming home! (thats a pretty darn awesome wish come true!)



squirrellywoman said...

Is he SURE it can't be fixed? Kenn told me that when we got the house paid off, he would buy me a new car. I looked and looked and couldn't find one that suited me so I just kept my '90 caddy. I think it will have to be totaled before I can give it up. Yep. Our vehicles do become extensions. Is that a beauty I see in mid-air behind Big Red?

sdoscher458 said...

Darn it I lost your alerts...I just thought you had not been writing LOL.  Doing that countdown for Gabe sounds great. Getting rid of Big Red is a shame...Joe loves his truck and calls it big red too...his is a bit younger than yours...2000 vintage so it should last a while hopefully. I put you back on alerts...I don't know whythey don't, Sandi