Thursday, April 17, 2008


It snowed yesterday... again.  My future daughter-in-law asked me if Colorado ever had a springtime or was it always winter here.  I told her that spring arrived, oh, about noonish yesterday, but if she blinked she missed it.  I'm not complaining though, not this time.  The moisture was a blessing to the scorched grasslands of the region.  Two wild fires including one on Fort Carson where Steve works, were extinguished by the heavy blanket of snow.  Sadly not before two fire fighters and the pilot of a tanker plane lost their lives. Under the circumstances I don't mind a little more snow at all.  When the re-growth begins perhaps we will recognize that the tragedy and loss was not entirely in vain.

But... in the meantime I do believe that hypothermia is setting in and frostbite is nipping at my finger tips.  I'm trying not to blink for fear of missing summer as well.  There is more snow in the forecast for this evening so I figure we should expect a heat wave of maybe 40 degrees between now and then.  Time to break out my Hawaiian print long johns.

Global warming huh.  Where!?


deshelestraci said...

Oh poor you!  It's 75 here today and gloriously sunny!

frankandmary said...

Hawaiian print long johns are just wrong. Semantically incompatible to me. ~Mary

luvrte66 said...

Sorry to hear about your firefighters. That's always so sad to hear....

Try and stay warm!


swmpgrly said...

omg dont even say the word