Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sweeney Todd and nose hairs.

I finally saw the latest Johnny Depp movie, 'Sweeney Todd'.  To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.  Without giving away the story (there are a lot of little surprises) I will just say that in my opinion musicals, comedy and dark slice and dice horror do not mix well.  Having said that, I must admit that Johnny Depp has a very nice singing voice.  As for the movie, it was probably a better book than it was a movie.  The plot was actually very good and I'm sure I would enjoy reading it, but I doubt I will watch the movie again. 

Its the beginning of April and time to resume certain grooming routines that seem a little wasted during the cold winter months, like the shaving of the arm pits and legs.  I'm quite proud of myself this year for actually shaving during the winter though mostly as a preventive measure.  My cheap disposable razors can't hack through an 8 month growth of leg hair and the shower is too small to drag in the weed eater so I tried to trim about once every couple of weeks.

What I neglected however was my nose hair.

Nobody warned me in my High School Health Class that there would come a day when I would have to maintain the growth of my nasal follicles.  I thought that was a old man problem.  Being as most High School Health teachers were teaching that class because they're too old to teach phys-ed any more, they knew!  They knew because they were already experiencing the inconveniences and embarrassments of nose hairs.  They all just chose not to mention it during the lesson dealing with aging and changes in the body during menopause

'Oh, and by the way, right about the time you hit your mid 40's and you notice that your hair has started to thin in some places, you may discover that your facial hair has actually begun a growth spurt requiring constant grooming.' 

Yeah, that would have been nice, but they chose not to share that little tidbit.

Have you seen that lady in the commercial who sticks that Presto Amazo As Seen On TV Nose Hair Trimmer up her nose and swirls it around like a magic wand, all the while she's smiling with a big As Seen On TV Teeth Whitener smile.  She has obviously never gotten one of her nose hairs caught and yanked out by its roots by that Presto Amazo As Seen On TV Nose Hair Trimmer.  I doubt it was even turned on because if it was working, her big As Seen On TV Teeth Whitener smile would be full of discarded nasal hair.

Nope, not for me!  I do it the old fashioned way now...  (Relax Dickidoo, I rinsed off and resharpened your mustache trimmer .)

As for that old wives tale about two hairs growing back when you pluck one white hair, well, that pertains to nose hair as well.  Last year I trimmed back maybe a dozen hairs.  This year I look like I tried to inhale a herd of big, dark hairy dust bunnies which inevitably got stuck at the entrance to my nose. 

I can't believe I was ever excited about growing up.


princesssaurora said...

LOL about the hair...  

Sweeny Todd was originally written for Broadway and was a huge hit... maybe it didn't transfer well to the screen... I will watch it soon for sure!

be well,

deshelestraci said...

Good to know re: Sweeney Todd.  I probably wouldn't have rented it but you never know.  Now I do know I won't rent it!  I'm not a fan of slice and dice to begin with.
Hair.  Grrrr.  Grows where you don't want it, won't grow where you do!

swmpgrly said...

I have noticed the facial hair

luvrte66 said...

This made me grin! Sometimes I wonder if the vast amount of wisdom we acquire is worth it. Ha!


helmswondermom said...

Your next-to-last paragraph gave me my first real laugh of the day.  Thank you!

glensfork4 said...

Haven't been getting your alerts (again - reset - again). I agree...I did not like this movie...and I love Mr. Depp (sexy!!)

yeah....the hair thing is sucky, I don't know if that is worse or a new gray hair EVERY stinking DAY!!!!

Love to ya.


PS didn't know if you knew, but I have a new journal hope to see you there.

glopsey said...

LoL!!! As always funny. I didn't see the movie, but I want to see the stage production some time: I think the play is more popular then the book. Look it up on wiki. Anyway, about the hair. My fiance and I have long hair and of course I need my yearly shave X-D. So, his aunt bought us this really nice plastic thing usually to catch pet hair, but works for us very nicely (you put it on the tub hole). Here's the link for

Hey, if you trim enough nose hair you can weave it into thread and make a sweater! Might help with all the snow you guys have been getting!