Thursday, January 8, 2009


I didn’t exactly come up with a New Year’s Resolution this year. I’m not particularly committed to anything so I’ve decided to settle for setting boundaries instead - or 'guidelines' as my favorite zombie pirate Captain Barbossa would say. For instance, rather than trying to lose weight, which is a losing battle (pun intended), I’ve decided to fore go on second helpings. Instead of filling in the blanks with 4 letter words I shall instead use 3 letter words. My potty mouth was costing me a small fortune in quarters! And while I am not prepared to pass on the alcohol yet, I will no longer directly invest in my local liquor store’s stock of Bacardi Gold and Corona, diverting my funds to items higher up on my list of priorities such as toilet paper and Hazelnut creamer. That’s not to say that I would not appreciate a gift of said refreshment from other parties who don't suffer from a perpetual shortage of Charmin.

Everything I know worth knowing, I learned either as a child or from a child.

Lessons in Life, Part 1: Don't give up on your dreams. Set them aside and try again later. If you can't skip a rock on a pond in the summer, try in the winter when the pond is frozen over.

Rocky has always been 'out skipped' by her siblings, but the other day we actually lost count of the number of times her rock skipped (bounced) on the icy pond. It had to have been some kind of record!


garnett109 said...

Enjoy squeezing your charmin I'm having a few bacardi and cokes

Traci said...

Our lists sounds similar!