Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Paying the price for the Gift Of Gab.

I got served a subpoena at work yesterday. I was being asked to testify on behalf of the city, but just the thought of 'being served' made me feel so... criminal, and naughty.

I almost like it!

I pulled up my phone bill online. It was like the opening scene from The Matrix with all of the numbers streaming down the screen. 15,000 text messages (thank goodness I signed up for unlimited messaging), 3000 peak talk minutes (only 1600 are included in my family plan) plus close to the same amount in night and weekend minutes. With super human Mad Mom Math Skilz I was able to add all the cascading rows and columns of digits and decimals in a split second.



I need to get these Oompas all married up and out of the house. Between toilet paper and phone bills I just can't afford them any more.


Michelle said...

Holy shit! Time to start taking away phones or making some Oompas get jobs. That is ridiculous!

garnett109 said...

hell and I thought wood was expensive for smoke signals!

Jeanne said...


My kiddos would be sleeping on the street if I had to pay that phone bill! (LOL)


Indigo said...

Ouch on the phone bill! It's time to turn pockets inside out on th Oompas. They needed to be charged for usage. (Hugs)Indigo

Melanie said...



Traci said...

Somebodies need jobs!!!!!