Monday, February 23, 2009

Becca, my Oompa songbird, auditioned and was selected for the Adams State College High School Honor Choir along with a few other students from Mesa Ridge High School. It is a huge honor and only a select few from the school district were chosen. Becca was so excited that even a sinus infection and a slight case of laryngitis couldn't hold her back when the buses were ready to roll for the 3 day festival in Alamosa. We sent her off with our prayers and lots of advice. Gargle with salt and warm water (easy enough), suck on Ricola (not a problem) and don't talk in between practice (major problem!). Even with a hoarse voice she made the re-audition and final cut. So on Saturday the family loaded up the Impala and drove 250 miles south to hear her.

It was amazing! I cried. I cried at a high school choir concert! But it wasn't just any old high school choir. It was the best of the best in the state of Colorado, being directed by the best of the best in the state of Colorado. They sang, accompanied by just a piano and flute. They sang like Angels, their voices reverberating through the tall domed chapel ceilings of the Sacred Hearts Church.

Who would have thought that a noisy Oompa could sound so beautiful?

Dickidoo turned 40-something last week. Being as he has spoiled me like crazy this past year I really wanted to do something nice for him. A nice dinner out was out of the question being as I still have that massive phone bill to pay off, so I decided to make him his favorite meal... which unfortunately happens to be my least favorite meal. Liver and onions. P-yuck!

How exactly does one go about preparing a dish that one dislikes so much that one cannot discern whether it is prepared correctly or not? Liver, no matter how you prepare it, is nasty!

Dickidoo loved it! And strangely enough even I found it to be not bad at all when drizzled with a little blue cheese dressing.

Still, it won't be showing up on the menu again until Dickidoo's next 40-something'th birthday (assuming that he spoils me like crazy between now and then!)


garnett109 said...

I bet she was great.
Liver and onions sounds great even with blue cheese.

cw2smom said...

Congrats to your daughter! How absolutely exciting and what a treat to hear her and her fellow accomplished students. YUCK! I hate liver also, but what a good woman you are to prepare it for him! I swore when I became an adult it would NEVER be in my house, because I had to eat it as a kid! ICK! I don't think my kids have ever eaten it, willingly or otherwise. Lucky them that they have me for a Mom! ;P Blessings Dorn! Lisa

REGINA said...

glad you got through the meal without any major regurgitations. i love liver and onions. and i love preparing it.

congrats on oompa songbird. it brings back memories of when i was chosen (back before dirt) to sing with the robert shaw corral....a really big honor, especially when your own high school voice/choral teacher was a floutist in the same corral. i am sure she had a ball. tell her never give up. she might be signing autographs for me some day.


Lazarai said...

Congrats to Becca!! And I've shed a tear or two myself over the years -- occasions like this remind us why we had oompas in the first place. ;)

Happy belated b-day to Dickidoo, by the way. He is a lucky man. No way could I have dealt with the smell of liver and onions (my mom used to make it for my dad and we were forced to eat it - YUCK!). So awesome of you to make that meal for him!!


Traci said...

That sounds like a great concert! I cry at my daughter's concerts and she is only 8.
Liver and onions, yick!!!!