Saturday, February 14, 2009


Although Rebecca disliked Rocky's ex-boyfriend with a capital D-I-S-L-I-K-E-D, she still felt bad for her baby sister when they broke up and was the doting big sister for a record 7 days. During that time she offered to design a dress for Rocky to wear to the Winter Ball, and even offered to introduce her to an old crush.
Endearing, yes. Commendable, absolutely.
Except for one little detail. Rebecca doesn't know how to sew. So when Rebecca says she's going to sew something, what she is really saying is that Mom is going to sew something, with the help of her best friend and Art's Pink Haired Girlfriend.
I spent Valentine's Day sewing Becca's vision into reality. It was a diamond in the rough and I found myself trying to salvage $80 worth of material that was cut too soon and sewn in the wrong order with no pattern at all, and yet, 4 hours before the dance, Rachel put on her custom designed dress and became Cinderella for a day.
Awesome design Becca, good work Art's Pink Haired Girlfriend. Rocky, I hope you felt as beautiful as you looked this evening.
But Becca, no more promising to design and make custom outfits until you learn how to sew them yourself!


Michelle said...

She does look beautiful!

garnett109 said...

The dress looks nice

Indigo said...

She looks absolutely stunning! (Hugs)Indigo

Melanie said...

she is so pretty!!

dress is pretty too!!


Traci said...

She looks so beautiful! I think the dress does too! Ya gotta love Becca's good intentions!

Phyllis said...

Gorgeous!!! As usual!

REGINA said...

you have such a unique family. your whole family is beautiful. i love the dress, and she looks great in it. now stop reading this blog, and go prepare for the reunion......time flies, remember.