Sunday, February 1, 2009

This 'n that...

Having a puppy in the house is much like having a baby in the house. Except, of course that the baby wears diapers, and doesn't eat poop. Yeah, two major differences! Jubiliee is a sweetheart though and I am adapting. Yesterday when she saw me after I had been gone for a couple of hours she ran to greet me and stepped on her ears, falling to her face and sliding for a few feet before getting back up without loosing her momentum. I was so tickled by her enthusiasm that I forgot to ask if she had snacked on recycled Friskies before she licked my face.

I saw a lady at the store with finger nails that were about 6 inches long. 6 inches! They were so long that they curled. The tops were polished a deep crimson, but the under sides were brown and flaky looking. Looking at them I couldn't help wondering what would inspire a person to grow their nails that long. Did they think it was fashionable? They looked filthy and germy. How did she manage to do things like zipping up clothing or fastening buttons? How can she pick up a grand baby or play with a child?

How does she use the bathroom?

Soooooooooooo, how 'bout them Steelers, huh?

Yeah, I know they're not the Broncos, but they're second best so yeah!

6X! Woo hoo!

Of course there will be no living with Dickidoo from now until the next Super Bowl... and if he whacks me with that dang 'terrible towel' one more time I'll make sure of it!


garnett109 said...

It was a great game!

Becky said...

I heard the game was great!!!! I think those nails are gross!!!

Indigo said...

I'm sitting here chuckling over Jubilee. I forgot how easily they trip over their ears. I used to have a few different hound dogs when I was younger.

As for the woman with the nasty nails, you wouldn't find me touching anything in her vincity. There is no way to keep them THAT clean and sterilized. I would be tempted to walk up to her and ask, do you know nails are esentially dead hair. Why would you want to decorate dead growth on your body?


Traci said...

What is it about dogs and the litter box?! Ugh! Ours are the same way. Pictures of the little poop-eater?!

Phyllis said...

Hey! I am so glad I found you! Puppies are almost as precious as grandbabies! They both sneak into your heart and take over. FAST! I'll be spending a while catching up on your blog. It's good to know your still around!