Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Upcoming Events~

In July of 2010 there will be a celebration in Loopaland. The Davis side of the family (my folks) will be migrating to Colorado for a Family Reunion.

Dickidoo forgot.

How the heck do you forget a family reunion planned at YOUR house with one of the wackiest families in America?

Ask Dickidoo, cos I just don't know.

At any rate in just over a year the state of Colorado will be influxed by a crazy mix of Okinawan and Caucasians of all ethnic backgrounds (we're still not ruling out Martian and Plutonians). There is a potential of approximately 56.


No, they won't all be staying here in the House of Oompa although we have hosted many parties of 75+ guests. We will probably have a camper or two, and definitely a tent for the kids. The less adventurous will probably stay at a hotel in town.

I'll be in the tent with the kids, except on taco and burrito night.

Dickidoo will probably wish he was sleeping in his brother's house in Norwalk, California, except for the fact that my Mama will be at the stove controls the whole time and he wouldn't miss that for anything. I can't believe my dad isn't obese, cos my Mama can cook!

But, before then... Becca, Rocky and I are planning a road trip to New York to visit my sister Val and her yak farm. In case you don't recall, Val was the inspiration behind the name of this blog 'Dust Bunny Club of North America' when she visited my house shortly after I moved to Colorado and commented on my 'dust bunnies'. Anyhow, Val is flying out here during Spring Break to help me drive to her place where we hope to totally spoil her yaks silly, and then she'll drive back here with us and fly back home after we totally spoil her here. At least that is the plan.

Art is jealous. He wants to go with us. We want a 'girls roadtrip'. We want Art's pink haired girlfriend to go with us. He says no. I think he's selfish. His pink haired girlfriend would love it. He just doesn't want to get left home with his dad, computer addict brother and silly cousin.

Oh waaaaaaahhhhh! Get over it dude! The girls are going to New York and we're taking your pink haired girlfriend!


garnett109 said...

enjoy your trip to the yak farm

Becky said...

perking up...New York??? where in this state of NY will that be???? says the sad blogger that never meets anyone.....

Traci said...

Yaks?! I love any animal in which its hair can be spun into yarn. Road trips are amazing!

Call me Paul said...

So, maybe your Dad isn't obese, because your Mama can cook...if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so jealous.. you are going to visit Valorie at her farm. Take lots of pics! OLD Sis