Wednesday, May 4, 2005


summer vacation!

15 more days until my vacation is over and Summer Vacation begins for the kids.  I am not ready!  I can only imagine what the grocery bill will look like through the summer months!  And the toilet paper usage.  No doubt I will have to stock up on my dwindling supply of Excederine cus goodness knows I'm going to need it in the months ahead!

Is it just me, or are the teachers just a little bit peppier?  Well, DUH!  They're about to go on vacation as well!  They've put up with the school kids for 9 1/2 months and they finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Ironically the school year is about the same length of time of a full term pregnacy.  Figuratively speaking they HAVE carried our babies for the past 9 months, and now they are getting ready to deliver them back to our loving arms, and then they are going to hit the road running!  Can't say I blame them.  I do the same when school starts up in the fall.

Dickidoo got the names mixed up when he ordered Zack's graduation supplies.  He wrote in Art's middle name instead of Zack's so all of the name cards and return address labels are incorrect.  He's embarassed, which means I just MUST mention it at least 10 times a day.  Oh not to worry, I say, we'll just scratch out Zack's first name, write in Art's and reuse them when Art graduates!  I tease a lot but I am constantly calling the kids by the wrong name myself.  In a few years, if any of them are still living at home, I'll probably have to resort to using name tags, and writing their names on placecards like they do at school.  Occasionally, when one of the kids correct me and I'm already in a bad mood I'll scold them for interrupting and remind them that I am the mother, I named them and therefore, if I say another name by accident, then by golly, that is their name for the rest of the conversation and there will be no further discussion on the matter!

My allergies symptoms are lightening up immensely, quite possibly because I have finally run out of mucous and tears.  My eyes still itch in the corners, but they don't water up as bad.  I still wake up sneezing, but now its only about 5 times in succession versus the previous 10 times.  I see that as an improvement.  People no longer peer at my face and ask whats wrong with me, so I must be looking a little better as well, or maybe they've just gotten used to me looking like Jabba the Hut.  What ever the case, I feel so much better.

 We splurged and went to see the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy this past weekend.  Cute movie, go see it if you're in the need for some light hearted fun.  Its very vague and totally unbelievable, so don't go there expecting to find elaborate sub-plots like Star Wars.  Go with an open mind and you will be entertained.  And eat before you go, or take lots of money!  $5 for a bucket of popcorn, $4 for a cup of ice wetted by a little soda pop, $3 for a box of candy... and they didn't even have Twizzlers!  Whats up with that!?  How can you watch a movie without a Twizzler hanging out of your mouth!  What is this world coming to?


sdoscher458 said...

This is so funny...I think every Mother does it..I have two sisters named Charlene & Barbara...for many years I was "Sand=Bar=Char" almost believed that was my name! LOL....oh go look at Scalzi's site he found a restraunt that I think you will find a hoot!.....Sandi

lacaza3 said...

So how are you liking being at home...I watched oprah yesterday and she had a DR OZ on there and they were talking about farting....
He said Men fart 14 times a day and woman fart 14 times a day and then he looked at oprah and said your hostess fart also,,I laughed
Donna In TEXAS

heathyrxmarie said...

Awww!  I know what you mean about the movies!  And Good Luck with Summer Break! LOL!

artloner said...

The consession stand is a racket!

jsdirtwtch said...

I'm jealous!  I STILL haven't seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  
It wasn't meant to be heavy sci-fi like Star Wars.  It's more of a British humor meets sci-fi.  The British just love the absurd.

schnozbeary said...

Oh No!!! Summer vacation!!! As for grad supplies, we just had to send back Lissa's. Her first name is Melissa, and, I kid you not, the announcements read Moolisa....we about died!! It is being fixed as we speak......Penny

jackiebenice said...

haha yeah, my teacher is way happy.. which is odd.. Hmm.. but its my last summer vacation before im outta high school forever!! lol

take care!!!

brandyp0509 said...

Too funny and too true!  I know that in my neck of the woods the teachers have begun dancing naked under the moon, ha.  They can't stand it and are having to refrain from asking us parents to "just keep the monsters at home" and don't get me started on the kids.  My gosh their engines couldn't go any faster.  They are the Energizer Bunnies of Mischief and I must say I am fraid' of what is going to happen this summer, lol.  Of course my vaction was only a "half" vacation because while I get rid of two in the fall I still have two with a couple of years to go, lol but ya know you take a break however you can get it, lol.  O' well at least I will have my "slaves" home, lol and soon I will get to go to one of my most favorite places ever for our "summer vacation" so that knowledge will just have to tide me over until then.  Say a prayer for me as I will you.  Anyway, enjoyed your journal you are very funny and I LOVE the pic of your significant other, lol.  Brandy

aiibrat said...

never run out of mucous and tears for allergies...that's part of the whole spring fun! <sneeze> -=)

i'm probably going to watch hitchhiker's this weekend...thanks for the looks like a fun movie!

glopsey said...

I saw that movie, it was so funny! I like the little robot, you just want to hug him. :)

Can't wait until "Madagascar" comes out! Great quote, "Where are you giants from?" "We're from New York." "All hail the New York Giants!" (now all the little guys yell: "THE NEW YORK GIANTS!!!"

Go to aol's movie page and see the trailor, it's hilarious in and unto itself!

Blessings. :)

imperfectlyavg said...

Okay, take it from this teacher, you are absolutely right!  I'm in New York, so I have exactly 25 school days left.  The kids are coasting down hill at this point (at least the ones who climbed it in the first place are) and the teachers are just waving the checkered flag.  It's a busy few weeks coming up though!  I am out of room on my calendar.