Monday, May 2, 2005


*  Aren't you glad that your nose doesn't grow in the same proportions as your legs do over the course of your life?

*  Don't you wish hips and necks would stop growing after the age of 20?

*  Aren't you glad that nose hair doesn't grow as fast as some of the  hair on your head? [click 'X' here]

*  Don't you wish you could choose the exact location you would like to go hairless as age progresses? I would rather go hairless in my nose, ear, legs and pits rather than on my head. 

*  Aren't you glad food doesn't smell as bad before you eat it as it does after you eat it.

*  Don't you wish eating sweet foods would neutralize post-digestive odors?

*  Aren't you glad some smells, such as intestinal gases, don't have a taste.

*  Don't you wish some smells, such as mountain air after it rains... did?


mumma4evr said...

ack!!  I walked into the bathroom at school one day...and there was a green haze..and a smell so foul that if you opened  your mouth you would taste it...and the last person in there was a vegan....wonder what they ate?  ICK!!!!

ccbzanoni said...

Is t his necessary!  I rather not think about it!

brickman0821 said...

yeahfor real but i would lk the motinatians rain smell . and the smell of grandmoms cooking yummy . and the smell of someone you love lk the perfufume they worn and the colloge that the mens wear . and after it rains smelles are welcome . the rainbows are just wonderful . hang in there . prayers . keep the faith . loves ya tess . thank you all hugsssss .

krazishyone said...

OK OK OK    Now just wait a minute..I swear "gases" leave a god awful taste in my mouth......I won't describe it....but I know I have gotten a sick tummy from walking in on someone smells  from the butt...LMAO  to funny