Sunday, November 27, 2005


My blog is worth $51,373.14.

How much is your blog worth?

Just for gits and shiggles I ran the report and the Dust Bunny Club is currently worth $51,373.14 .  Plus I'm getting close to my 40,000 hit mark.  No wonder AOL wants to advertise here, the Dust Bunny Club is prime real estate!   I ought to send them a bill for the privlege of advertising on my blog, maybe $14.95 for 10 hours of advertising time  a month, or $25.00 for unlimited advertising time. 

I wonder if I can use my journal as collateral for a loan.  Knowing my luck, some suit from the IRS will read this and increase my property tax because of my blog's value.  Yep, everybody wants a piece of the pie!


rainey516 said...

Wow Dorn,

Can I buy shares into your journal?  Maybe I can even place an ad on your journal too, lol.  My journal is worth $ 0.00.  Thats ok though, cause I am not planning on selling out.  

I love your take on things.  You are a funny woman.

Have a great day!

sdoscher458 said...

OMG you are funny....I ran mine, I am not valuable prime real estate but that's okay....I still value the people who read though I am! Hey, can you remember getting excited at hitting the 1,000 visitor mark? By all means, charge AOL something......make a bill up and send it....Sandi

missvincci said...

Veeery interesting Dorn. Yeah I think you should charge AOL!


vortexgirl said...

Would this be a bad time to tell you what my brother does?  Just kidding!  lol

cdittric77 said...

Let's be honest here - of course we all want a piece of the pie - it's you :)
With peace and love,

sschwingler said...

Mine is worth $0.
That link was neat. Thanks for sharing.
Michelle :)

jackiebenice said...

mines like 14,000 and something

but dorn... the ads went away,. at least, what i looks like it did before the it just me? a glitch? did aol forget to update their ads? i dunno.....