Sunday, April 1, 2007


Its springtime in the Rockies and I have been cursed with allergies.  No, let me correct that, I have been cursed with only one allergy.  I am allergic to... Colorado.  Springtime, summertime, anytime... it doesn't matter.  I'm just allergic to Colorado plain and simple.  Each year I think I will get used to it and it will lighten up.  Each year it gets worse.  My sinuses are so congested my eyes are bulging like Henry the goldfish's. 

I may actually have to go to the Dr. 

I don't want to go to the Dr.  I don't get male movie star Dr's with gorgeous eyes and dreamy voices.  My last doctor was a huge Cajun woman with an accent almost as heavy as she was.  She was a good doctor, but she made an examination of my female parts seem more like a back yard barbecue.

'Ooooooowie, lookie there, those are some nice big grapes you got there.' she said, peering close at an unfortunate side effect from my last pregnancy.  She even called her colleagues over for a peek.  I'm sure my nether region was the topic of conversation at the break room lunch table for days after that.

No, I don't like going to the Dr.  No telling what they'll do once they get my sinuses under their latex coated fingers.  Cold stainless steel, blinding examining lights, the suffocating odor of rubbing alcohol, trays full of sanitized tools for torture... nope, not gonna happen! 

No shots, and nobody is going to shove anything up my nose.... except for maybe the Shop Vac, that might help a little. 

Would you please pass the Actifed?



princesssaurora said...

You really should go to someone... there are wonderful 24 hour meds that work great and will keep your allergies under control.

be well,

jckfrstross said...

the only thing that helps me is the 24 hour stuff that you have to go to the doc for. have you tried Zicam for allergies? that night help. try and have a good week


therealstephhull said...

I hate the doctors too, but in the end, the shots were the only thing that helped my allergies. I took them for three years (two shots every week) and then was able to stop. I still have to take alot of meds during certain times of the year, but trust me, that doctor's visit was well worth it!
Hope you feel better soon.

lazarai said...

I still say Pass on the Actifed....try Zyrtec. It's the only one that works on my two kids who suffer from seasonal allergies. All of Florida is coated in yellow pollen as we speak. Thank goodness for Zyrtec!!!

Feel better,
:) Carol

midwestvintage said...

 Everyones advice is great.  Hope you feel better soon.  


astaryth said...

In addition to allergy medicine... try some of those BreatheRight things for your nose at night. G. has -terrible- allergies and he says they actually help him sleep.

rdautumnsage said...

My daughter is the same way....I swear give the girl some fresh air and she starts sneezing all over the place, her eyes get red and she looks like hell. Place her in a smog congested city and she is one happy puppy nothing bothers her. Go figure. I agree with everyone else (even though I despise drs as much as you do). It might give you some relief, even if it was to be temporary, something is better than nothing. (Hugs) Indigo

missheathyrmaree said...

i hate hate hate springtime for allergies.
everything is beautiful, and the weather is great, but damn, my nose hasn't stopped running seriously!

swmpgrly said...

a shop vac

pharmolo said...

Good luck with the hayfever season, hope it's not too bad for you :-\

squirrellywoman said...

Yep! Trouble is... Actifed ain't the same stuff it used to be and you can't find it over the counter either. I have some Allerfrim ordered at the pharmacy. It is the same as the old Actifed. The prescription nose spray works too.  This is the first year I have been religious with it and I haven't been sick yet! It's only taken me 7 years to listen to the doctor. Good luck, Sis!

wumzels2 said...

gee, and i was thinking of moving to colorado to get out of the humidity and pollen here in i have to find somewhere else to move to.................

hope you are feeling better soon..........


tkelliher617 said...

Eeeks they have to do a creepy exam of the nether regions just for allergy medication, I would hate to see what the yearly womanly dr visit would entail....The good thing is that they have some good stuff out there for allergies now a days, I need to make my appointment soon.  Good luck!
Tabatha :)

mutualaide said...

I've been suffering too Jodi, if that helps you!  LOL

I've switch to Claritin 24 hour (behind the counter kind) and it seems to work a little better.  

My empathy your way.  It stinks to have a cold and it stinks to have allergies which are just a very long cold making you miserable.