Friday, December 2, 2005

MY DATE, and my Christmas wish

I had a date with a tall, dashing young man yesterday.  Zack, my 18 year old treated me to a movie.  We saw Harry Potter's Goblet of Fire.  It was a very good movie, and yes, I cried... but then I cried in Lilo and Stitch so don't be thinking its a real tear jerker.  I'm just a big cry baby.  If you haven't seen it yet and enjoyed the earlier Harry Potter movies then I recommend this sequel.  Of course, now that I've seen it I'll have to take the other Oompas.  And this time I'll take some tissue.

I am finally getting into the holiday spirit.  Thanksgiving was difficult following the tragedy in Gabe's unit.  Then, a few days later we received a packet from the unit with information and procedures for NOK (next of kin), something that is routinely sent to the persons the soldiers list as contacts should anything happen, but not something one wants to think about during the holidays and certainly not something you'd want to read so shortly after the death of another soldier.  I still have not been able to read the contents, I think I'll let Dickidoo handle that.

So anyhow, I started my shopping yesterday.  Rocky took it upon herself to inform me that all she wants for Christmas is a drumset.  Nothing else.  I took it upon myself to tell her that all I wanted for Christmas was for her NOT to get a drumset, and guess what... I think I'm a little higher up on Santa's 'good' list than she is!


heathyrxmarie said...

How nice!  A date!  How nice of Zack :)  And I'm so cracking up about Rocky's request, and your response to it!

sdoscher458 said...

I gave in once on a drum set.....wound up sitting behind the darn thing myself...found I loved the drums...Gene Krupa I'm not though.  But I can understand your stance on the matter...poor eardrums.  Sandi

my3gifts said...

As an Army wife, it's definately important you guys open up the NOK packet, most likely it's just to make sure they have all the information correct and how procedures will happen, etc...they will not call you if something would happen, you'll get the dreaded knock, that's Army procedure.
It's not fun stuff, but I'm glad it's done and made sure from all that it's done correctly. Along with all the red cross information, etc...not fun but still so important in the military life.

My husband's over there for the 2nd time in 2 yrs. We miss him like crazy, but so proud of everything he's doing. I refuse to watch much news because they tell about 20% of what's happening and it's only the bad they seem to LOVE to tell, they never tell any of the good that's happening over there.

God Bless

mutualaide said...

Haven't seen the movie yet, but do look forward to going with the girls during school break.  Drums?  Hmmm, we had a similar request a number of years ago.  Besides the ears there was a space issue.  I caved and got an electronic drum pad which worked out well.  Still used occasionally but mostly it sits in the closet.

plittle said...

Matt and I took a couple of his cousins to see the Harry Potter movie last weekend. Aside from the rather rushed first twenty minutes, we really enjoyed it. Drums, huh? Where did she get that idea?

princesssaurora said...

How nice of Zack!  Wasn't the movie fabulous???  I loved it!!!  I would definitely have Dickidoo do the NOK packet... {{{{ Jody }}}}

OMG - a drum set??? No, I don't think

Be well

purplectigger said...

O come on Mom all she wants is a Drum set. They've come up with everything else, How come they haven't come up with a drum set with head phones. LOL. Have a great weekend.
Hugs, R.C.

beckieramos said...

Wow! She wants the same thing as my 13 yr old! No way jose!!! God bless, Beckie

rgwindland said...

LOL, quick thinking on your part. Rhonda

deslily said...

umm from a former female drummer.. get the kid the drums! LOL LOL.. (then get  yourself a dang good pair of earplugs! lol)

Hmmm. fyi.. you might ask around music stores to see if they sell what was once "fondly" called  "a practice set" of drums.  . this believe it or not is nearly noiseless!.. the set consisted of the drum "rims" (for rim shots) and thick rubber in place of the drum heads.. so all you hear is "tap tap tap" not "bang bang bang".. there is also a Practice Pad which is a piece of rubber on wood that one can practice with the drum sticks.. it gives the same "bounce" as if it were the head of a drum... My first set of "sticks" were size 7A.. never forget the feeling of getting them either!!... anyway.. there are some "alternatives" out there you might want to look into if you think Rocky is "serious".

Happy Shopping!

missundazstood58 said...

Christmas is getting closer but mom let her have the drumset as I am a Grandmother who still has her first guitar to pass along to my daughter. I love your humor as well as the journal and will return.          
                                                                             Patty Ann

missundazstood58 said...

Christmas is getting closer but mom let her have the drumset as I am a Grandmother who still has her first guitar to pass along to my daughter. I love your humor as well as the journal and will return.          
                                                                             Patty Ann

lacaza3 said...

hope all is ok with gabe
Donna In TEXAs