Thursday, December 1, 2005


Becca burped yesterday... mid-sentence.  She just kept on talking while she belched.  It was scary.  She sounded like Linda Blair in the Exorcist when the demon was speaking through her.  Naturally the other kids were impressed, but they informed me that it wasn't near as cool as Art and Zack's friend Paul who can fart his name.  Seriously!  They swear that when this kid farts, his butt says 'Paul'.  Now I've heard everything!  Not literally of course, because I haven't actually heard a talking butt, nor do I need to hear one.   I'll just take their word for it.  You have to admit though, that would be a really cool party trick.



jckfrstross said...



deslily said...

Heh.. for some reason this story about a talking "butt" promted me to think "aol banners"  heh.. imagine that!

rgwindland said...

LOL, to boys a talking butt would be an achievement. He's probably especially fun at parties. rhonda