Friday, February 24, 2006


(got this one from Scalzi's By The Way)

Einstein Blackboard: (write your own messages)
Its no secret that I have always hated math... especially Algebra!  I am of the belief that numbers are for counting and letters are for spelling.  The only time the two should be mixed is when you are actually spelling the number, like the number 1 is spelled 'one'.  That's it.  None of that (x² + y³ = z).  That's just crazy.  That's not math, that's jumbled up refrigerator magnets!  But I did take the time and effort to learn 1 (one) formula, and it is with great pride that I share this mathematical brilliance with the late great Einstein. 

X + Y = WTF


sharonna1955 said...

your humor is great im always lol reading your funny lil posts

teeisme57 said...


xomywayox said...

I see that you are very well verse in two languages. English & Profanity! LoL


deslily said...

I'm with you on the math LOL..  WTF?  Oh, I mean WTF!

History wasn't much better.. if I may quote the great Red Fox:  "I can't see how knowing when Washington crossed the Potomic is going to help me in a brick fight!"  makes sense to me! lol

queenb8261 said...

LOL I second that or third it or ... whatever?!  WTF!!

am4039 said...

yea yea, I agree.  Math was one of my worst subjects in school.

paulajlambert said...

I'm with ya, darlin!
This cracked me up!

joyanhope said...

It's Greek to me!  I got by by the seat of my pants in Algebra 1 and 2_all because my father insisted I be a doctor....made me take 2 years of Latin too but I liked that (letters)   HA!  I am a wife and mother of four sons with a degree in Fine Arts.  Boy would he be surprised!  Sometimes I think I would like to try taking one of those high school type extension courses just to see if I could ever grasp it.  But like you, I understand letters.  I understand numbers, but who was the nut that decided to scramble them together?  Ta-ta for now, joy