Monday, February 20, 2006

WARNING! and Family Camo.

Hummus and Lousiana Hot Sauce on French bread do not make a good bedtime snack.  Shoooo-eeeee!  And thats all I'm going to say about that. 

Dickidoo had a nice birthday.  Maybe it was because he spent the day hunting with Art.  Or maybe it was because he didn't spend the day with me.  What ever the reason, he had a nice day.  We gave him a nightvision monocular for his birthday being as he starts a new job on Tuesday that will find him out and about in the dark outdoors... in some of our favorite hunting grounds!  (Now do you see why he is so happy to get this job?)

Everyone in my family hunts.  Little Rocky just graduated from Hunters Safety last month.  She took the exact same test I did about 8 years ago, and she scored better than I did!  They give the children the same test but allow them more mistakes.  I think it should be the other way around because its obvious who the smarter students are.

I have a hunting journal but haven't updated it recently.  In fact, I haven't added an entry since October.  However, if hunting interests you, take a peek at my Treestand ramlin' (and other tall tales) .

The gang before daybreak on opening day of spring Turkey season 2003 (?)  Becca dropped the biggest tom that season.


deslily said...

I'm glad dickiedoo had a good birthday.. when husbands are happy they make wives happy..heh.. don't they?  
anyway...  I WOULD rethink those latetime snacks!  lol..

gdireneoe said...

How cool.  You need to let someone else take a few of those pics though...;)  C.

princesssaurora said...

I loved the pic!  Glad Dickidoo had a good one... when does the new job start???  Will you be able to quit and be a sahm again?

be well,

ps... I just ask for selfish reasons to have you journaling and emailing more! lol

sdoscher458 said...

oh....the family that camos together stays together! That picture is a trip...Momma should be in the middle.  Sandi

am4039 said...

wonderful picture, I have never hunted.  Yep hummus and hot sauce does not sound like a good snack, lol

promiseluv372 said...

aww what a perfect picture!