Saturday, February 25, 2006


I spoke to my Mom and Dad yesterday.  Funny how when I talk to them, I still feel like a kid.  That's not bad, mind you... its not like they intimidate or belittle me.  Quite the contrary, they have treated me with respect for more years than I actually deserved.  For that reason I adore them even more.  But I still feel like their little girl when I talk to them.

My Mom doesn't get on the computer much.  My Dad is one of my most loyal readers of Dust Bunnies.  He reads some of my entries aloud to my mother.  I am glad.  Now I don't feel guilty about not writing to them.  Yesterday Mom described my writing as 'eloquent'.  What a wonderful compliment.

I can only assume that she was not referring to my recent 'fart' entry.


deslily said...

ya think?  (rotflmfao)

princesssaurora said...

LOL  I am sure that was not the one to which she referred!  LOL  You are great, Jody!  

be well,

jckfrstross said...

LOL glad both your parents can keep up with the daily news about the family:) farts and all LMAO


sdoscher458 said...

Don't knock youself, you have a great command of the English language and a remarkable sense of humor...I still laugh every time I think of the rolled up newspaper! Your sense of timing is quite good too....LOL....Sandi

am4039 said...

lol funny, My family doesn't even know Ihave a journal, sometimes it's a good thing. That was nice of your mom to say that.

ambassadorsinte said...

To that I say "Amen".    Oh yeah, and Thank You.       And I did read your entry to Mom.

Dorn's Daddy

joyanhope said...

Hi Kiddo,
You are so blessed to still have your mom and dad.  I'm glad you cherish them.  Mama and daddy are both gone but it's my mother I miss.  What a little angel_everybody loved her and her sweet smile and ways. ::sigh::  joy_ with blessings to you and yours