Thursday, June 8, 2006


I consider myself a fair-to-decent-typist.  I type fast.  My spelling is what sucks.  I spell wrong... fast.  So when I do an entry, or type an email, I type wrong... fast, and then proof read.

I can type fast, wrong, in the dark.

I can't, however, type at an angle... in the dark.

Last night I tried.  The laptop was on the TV tray table thingie there between the arms of the sofa and chair in the den.  I turned the laptop so I could reach it from my position on the chair, but the cords, which were caught up on something, would only allow so much give, and no more.  So I left the computer there, turned slightly in the overstuffed chair and reached over to type, in the dark since Dickidoo had turned the light off to watch TV and hadn't turned it back on when he left the room.  I suppose I could have turned the light on myself, but why?  I can type perfectly in the dark, right?

But somehow, at some point, someone had come in and rearranged all of the keys because what I was typing and what was appearing on the screen were noteven remotely similar.  I don't think the text was even English, there were too many consenants.  What should have been a lightning quick IM to my sister became a multi-minute ordeal that was back-spaced and deleted dozens of times before I could find the send button.

Beginning Typing 101... I remember sitting in the back of the class rolling my eyes as my teacher demonstrated the proper technique used for positioning the body when typing.  Place the tip of your pinkie finger on the keyboard.  With an open palm, touch the tip of your thumb to your body.  Your thumb should be level with your belly button.  If not, your keyboard is either too high or too low and should be adjusted.  Elbows resting loosly by your side, fingers lightly touching the keyboard, never fully resting on them.

The moral of this story.... No matter how good you think you might be at something, don't fool yourself into thinking that you can do just as well under any and all circumstances.  It just takes a slight diviance to completely throw you off.

Or.... type in a well lit room with the keyboard directly in front of you, so you can see how bad your typing really sucks!

(oooh!  Look at all the pretty yellow words!)


elleme2 said...

Boy! I don't remember all that thumb-on-your-bellybutton stuff from my high school typing class.  Must be why I never quite got it down pat and why, even though I've typed the equivalent of the content of the Encyclopedia Britannica since then, I still don't have it right.

mzgoochi said...

(oooh!  Look at all the pretty yellow words!)

LMAO!!! Thank God for spell check!


xomywayox said...

I skip typing and op'ed for Ag in school. So now I can milk a the way I'm a sec-o-tary now. LoL Irony..woes is me....

Pretty Yellow words....


deshelestraci said...

I love it!

rgossett4195 said...

I think that has something to do with having children!  rose~

princesssaurora said...

LOL  My hands type faster than my brain... lol  So, I relate!!

be well,