Friday, June 9, 2006


Sometime in the wee hours of the morning a sound woke me from my light slumber.  As I pushed my way through the fog of sleep I tried to identify the sound, but other than the occasional chirp of a cricket outside the window, it was silent.

Except for the steadily increasing buzz of a chainsaw caught in Dickidoo's nasal cavity, and the occasional chirping of a couple of crickets, it was silent.  Except for the moan of the wind being sucked through the house by the swamp cooler... and the mega-chainsaw up Dickidoo's nose, and the incessant shrieking of a swarm of crickets outside the window it was silent.


Every three minutes something somewhere in the dark of the room broke through all of the noise with a pitch as soothing as fingernails on a blackboard pierced my eardrums.  At some point in time the birds began to wake, their sleep disturbed no doubt by the racket coming from within my bedroom.

Finally, sometime shortly after 8am what ever was beeping finally beeped its last beep and went completely dead but by that time the birds were in full harmony, the squirrels clucked at the barking dogs, car alarms greeted each other, and a neighbor, inspired by the sound of Dickidoo's chainsaw, began to mow the lawn.

Oh well, who needs sleep anyhow?


deslily said...

Ummm, there's an invention out you might want.. it's called earplugs.  Ever hear of them? (small pun there)..  lesse, what's the next holiday? Ohhh, Father's Day.. ok you can tell Dickedoo that's what you want for Father's Day!  If he says "but it's my day!"  You can respond: "why yes it is! And if you want to live to see another I suggest you get me those earplugs!"  heh.. ok, so I was joking... (or was I?)

princesssaurora said...

Oh no!  I hate when that happens... it is usually a smoke alarm... ugh.

be well,

rgossett4195 said...

I got woke up at 1:00 am by the wind blowing all those lovely prized windchimes of mine!  I have them inside and outdoors.  Trust me they are NOT lovely at 1 am when they are all clinking at the same time!  Hopefully tonight we can get some sleep!  rose~

deshelestraci said...

Oh I hate that!

mzgoochi said...

Best way to ruin my day. LOL

am4039 said...

sleep is over rated anyway, lol. I hope you got to sleep the next night.