Wednesday, July 26, 2006


My foot is happy.  If it had lips it would be smiling.  I've been walking around with a sliver of glass in my heel for the past day, and I was finally able to get it out.  Ahhhhh, instant relief.  Why did it take so long for me to get the glass out you ask?  Well, I'm not exactly a contortionist and my fluffiness got in the way.  I eventually got my foot up high enough for me to dig the glass out, and it was just an itty bitty little thing, but boy did it have me hobbling around like a gimpy old lady.

We caught Gabe online again this morning.  He's still not giving us an exact date other than to say 'soon'.  I wish I could be there when he lands but I will have to wait until he visits here after things settle back at the unit.  Its going to be such a relief to have him back in the states.

I've been dying to make a real video with my baby Nikon now that AOL can accommodate videos, but the camera has been missing for 2 weeks.  Dickidoo found it at one point in his truck and called me to tell me he found it safe and sound... but I never saw it after that.  He swears he brought it in the house that night but I think he's got Old-Timers, I've torn the house apart AGAIN and that camera is nowhere in sight.  I think he left it at work, that's what I think.  But who knows, this house is in such a wreck it could be right in front of me and I wouldn't be able to see it.

A co-worker died on Friday.  She'd had a heart attack a couple weeks earlier and we were all worried for her because of that, but in the end it was lung cancer that ended her life, just as quick as that.  She never even knew she had it until the doctors examined her after her heart attack.  I guess she knew the end was near and she tried to make it back home to be around her family out in the North East, but she only got as far as Kansas.  How truly sad.  At least she passed with hope.  She wasn't lying in a bed waiting for her last breath, she was on a mission.  And she is home now.  I just wish she could have seen her family one last time, it was obviously very important to her.

Okay, enough sadness.  Friday is National Milk Chocolate Day!  I have never observed this particular holiday before and there fore feel obligated to make up for my past neglect.  45 years of celebrating milk chocolate, how ever will I manage?

Ha!  With a gallon of milk and maybe a Corona or two, thats how.  (Hey, beer and chocolate really do go surprisingly well together... don't knock it until you've tried it!)


deslily said...

if I had Corona (with lime) I'd toast with you for Gabe's safe return!!!  I hope it's sooner then you think!!.

Glad your hobbly foot is better!  nothing worse then hobbling around, especially if carrying a beer that might spill!!  oh Lordy!

deshelestraci said...

I would have fluffiness problems if I had a sliver stuck in my foot too!  I hope you find the video recorder soon!  
Soon is not quite good enough, I'm sure.  But you will breathe again once he gets back in the USA.

jckfrstross said...

i bet gabe will just show up and surprize you:) zach did that to us. chocolate milk day huh and coronas sounds good to me


swmpgrly said...

How about beer and chocolate covered strawberries

hestiahomeschool said...

I've misplaced your phone number. We are concerned that no one will be there to meet Gabe when he comes home from Iraq. Do you want us to drive down to Fort Campbell? Would it be too weird for him to go out with a family that loves him that he has never met? We could take him out to dinner...
just let us know. If someone will be there to see him when the plane lands, then we would never butt in. You know how impulsive I am...
love, Kas

am4039 said...

I know you can't wait for Gabe to be home. How exciting. Did you look in the truck again for the camera? Maybe he thought he brought it in. I'll be celebrating the chocolate holdiday with you too. LOL.