Wednesday, July 19, 2006

JULY BIRTHDAYS and whale sightings

Yesterday was Zack's birthday.  (Happy Birthday Zack!) This is his last year as a teenager.  I guess you could say he's a pre-twenty-somethinger.  We didn't really celebrate other than sharing a sinfully fudgy chocolate cake diluted slightly by chocolate chip ice cream.  We're going to celebrate his birthday at the Renaissance Festival on the 30th, arrrrrrrrr!

And today is my sister Redbird's birthday.  She's one year closer to senior citizenship than I am.  Happy Birthday Val!  (don't hate me cos I'm younger!  Hehehehehe.)

Well, Rocky is waiting for me to join her in the pool so I need to get off this contraption.  Don't believe any of those beluga whale sightings in Colorado, its just me working on my tan.



deslily said...

Welcome to "near adulthood" Zack!! .. and Happy Birthday too!!!

oh my... you sure know how to ask for trouble Dorn! lol... she may need to hear of the old saying:  "may the bird of happiness (Redbird) poop on YOUR birthday cake!" lol...  Happy Birthday Redbird!!

You are too funny.. I think at least one of your kids must be mine in disguise.. whenever i put on a bathingsuit and layed outside I'd hear something about "a beached whale" coming from in the house where my kids were!!!

princesssaurora said...

My daughter sleeps with two stuffed belugas one named Snowy that she got when she was 2 1/2 and one named Frosty that she got last year.  I love belugas!

Happy bday Zack and Redbird!

be well,

mumma4evr said...

Happy birthday , Zack!!!  You share a great day with my hubby and my sister!

swmpgrly said...

Happy B day zack

mzgoochi said...

LOL Dorn, you're silly! Happy Birthday to everyone!!

demandnlilchit said...

Happy Birthday Zack and Auntie Redbird! lol

xomywayox said...

Happy Birhtday Man Cub!!! Sisters are good to have so you can make fun of them! LoL

Don't forget to flip..


locustlea said...

Happy birthday to Zack!  And to Redbird.  When's your's, Dorn? I am new to your site, so I'm stiull getting up to speed with your particulars....

Love the new "Dust Bunny"  graphic- since I, too,  specialize in the care, feeding and breeding of the same critter!!

We (my youngest sister & I) are on our way to the Sterling NY Ren Faire this weekend where my favorite niece is working in a Henna booth.  And I will meet my employer of 3 yrs for the 1st time in person!  

Talk soon!
Chris aka locustlea

am4039 said...

today is my daughters 20, out of her teens now. Hope you have a good time working on the tan at the pool.