Thursday, September 28, 2006

THE DAY AFTER and lessons learned (or not)

Rocky woke with a sore throat this morning.  She's already missed a few days of school because of a virus that has been hanging around town for a couple of months and I really didn't want her to miss any more but her tears plucked at my guilt strings and I sent her back to bed after a healthy dose of TLC.  At lunch time she decided that she was feeling better and we decided that she should finish out the school day.  With yesterday's tragic events still fresh on my mind, I stepped into the Jr. High School, expecting to be stopped by a faculty member but instead I encountered only a vast empty hallway.  To the left a class was in session, Spanish I believe.  I didn't see anyone through the glass walls of the main office where the secretaries sit.  It was a still as a ghost town.  It wasn't until I stepped into the attendance office that I saw anyone... the principal greeted me from his inner office and the attendance clerk looked up from her desk.

To say I was disturbed would be an understatement.  I numbly signed my daughter in and left in a daze.  When Dickidoo came home I voiced my disbelief.  His reaction was the last thing I expected.  The teachers aren't paid enough and the school districts don't have enough money to hire extra security.  It just wasn't going to happen.  He said I was being understandably emotional but he was just being realistic.  Naturally I denied his claims vehemently.  I told him that I had expected something to be learned from yesterday's tragedy, and I certainly expected more from him as the father of my children than a pessimistic 'It ain't gonna happen'.  He let me vent but never apologized.

At what point in our marriage did it no longer matter who won the debate so long as the point was made?  He didn't change my mind any more than I did his, but we said our peace.  We spoke and we listened.  I guess I can see his point although I don't agree with it.  There was no winner, no loser, and no hard feelings.

Although, technically, because I am the woman and I am older I win by default....

I mowed my legs this evening.  I don't know why since I had just done so last week and my bikini season ended years ago.  Maybe it was frustration, who knows... who cares?  Anyhow, I pulled out the sharpest razor and went to work.  I'm a creature of habit... mostly bad habits, but habit none the less.  I always start with my right leg.  The new Venus razor made short work of the 5 o'clock shadow that adorned my leg.  I inspected the razor head and noted with satisfaction the dark stubbles that I had scraped away.

I wasn't prepared for the length of the follicles I chopped off of my left leg.  I could have braided them!  How could that be?  The last time I had encountered a length difference of such drastic proportions was when I had gone into labor with Zack and discovered in mid push that while the leg in the right stirrup was neatly shaved and smooth as a baby's bottom, the left leg was as hairy as a Sasquatch's behind.  Clearly I had yet again shaved only one leg and neglected the other.  Grrrrrrrrr.... I hate when I do that.

Tomorrow is Poisoned Blackberries Day... how goofy is that?  I have decided to boycott Poisoned Blackberries Day and will instead observe another, more reasonable holiday of my choosing.

I here by proclaim September 29th as Hazelnut Flavored Coffee  and Chocolate Truffles Day, to be followed by the International Night of Beer Binge-ing.  Yeah, now there's something to celebrate!  (Poisoned blackberries?  Sheesh, give me a break!  Who thinks these things up?)


rebuketheworld said...

Men tend to be the point....they have a different nature call than us gals,,,There was nothing wrong with what he said, its just your sad about whats going on in the world..I can understand,,,I probably would have said the same thing he said,,,Its just reality that would take a long fight, a good dose of luck to change...-Raven

sdoscher458 said...

oh Dorn I can remember that they even had hall monitors in my day, it was like try to go to the bathroom without a hall were screwed. People really shouldn't be allowed to wander at will....I totally agree with you.  If they don't have the money to do it...make it an extra credit type of service thing sitting by the entrance handing out passes....Sandi

jckfrstross said...

it is that way at all schools:( how many more tragedies will it take to wake up america? lol leg hair too funny have a good friday


mumma4evr said...

at my schools here in my little area of NY...there is a desk by the front door...the only people who do not have ti sgin in are students and staff..the rest of us must sign in and wear a tag on our clothes identifying us as a visitor.....then we have to sign out....

astaryth said...

Yep... and another one of those points is when you do the "Hurry up and get to your point" finger motion because you already know all of the words by heart when he starts on a many times heard tirade <LOL>

plittle said...

  What was perhaps not said explicitly was that he understood your point, and may well have aggreed with it 100%. However, agrreing with your point need not change his opinion that changes are unlikely. He's just a realist.

princesssaurora said...

{{{ Jody }}}  As a mom... I am outraged for you.  Our school did something that your school might want to look into.   They put in a push button buzzer and camera system.  They were able to get extra funds from the state for it.  They did it after 9/11.  The secretary in the office sees who is at the door ringing the bell and then buzzes them in.  If the person doesn't show at the office at least you know something isn't right...

be well,

beckieramos said...

i knoe friend. It's hardto believe that a person slipped in unnoticed. I thought schools were on such high nalert since Columbine,
So sad. I have been praying for her family. Such a senseless thing to happen and to he other girls that were hurt by him. May God hold all involved close to Him
God bless, Beckie

deshelestraci said...

Poisoned Blackberries?  WTH?  Who does think this stuff up?  And I am very miffed at your daughter's school.  Again with the WTH?  It'll just keep happening until everyone keeps their kids home, which will never happen.  Scary.

motoxmom72 said...

I would have been outraged, too!  My daughter's school is having work done to it- they are expanding it and doing construction.  They will install the new system at the front door later on, I was told.  I want it there NOW!!!  There is a board meeting coming up that I will be at.  I went to one and ripped the board and it was broadcasted on the district channel.  OOPS!  LOL!!!  I got phone calls from a few gals who had the channel on and they heard and saw me going off.  LOL!!
Security in school should be A#1 priority in today's world.

memes121 said...

I don't have kids of my own but I have nephews and i love kids period. It doesn't matter if there isn't enough money or not enough staff. What you saw...or didn't see shouldn't have happened. These are our kids! All of our kids! Next time speak up friend. Maybe the more that do, will make what you didn't see stop. Your kids, all kids, deserve better. Thank you for caring. Now, excuse me while I pimp and I may repeat, sorry. Tammy
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rbrown6172 said...

I can understand your dismay about the school systems.  I also admire the two of you being able to intelligently discuss things you realize how blessed that is?  so many aren't able to discuss anything of varied ideas or opinions.  i like the first halp of your new holiday.  :)  have a good sunday!